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August 10, 2000.

Several months have passed since the Liberals took over the B.C. Provincial Legislature with 76 seats out of 77 and our courts still suck (dot com).

Some people might say that I jumped the gun a bit, posting signs by John Weisbeck's office (my M.L.A.(again)) at the beginning of July. They read...




The way I see it, Mr. Weisbeck's already had 5 years to ignore this problem; a primary reason that I chose to accept the offer to compete, as a candidate for the B.C. Action Party, for his seat in the Provincial Legislature.

About 2 days into my "sign" strategy, I went into Mr. Weisbeck's office to inform him of my actions and he concured that it was my democratic right to protest in such a manner but "not in his office". This could only mean that my signs were too small.

I had originally set the signs out on Hwy 97 north, adjacent to Mr. Weisbeck's new office but traffic was travelling too fast for my 4 inch letters. I began to move them around to various locations around Kelowna, occasionally leaving them out overnight. Naturally, they vanished one night.

So I've rounded up some new material and I'm making more and bigger signs. My plan is to keep putting up more signs than can vanish.

And that's where you can help. If you make your contributions payable to the B.C. Action Party, I'll issue you a tax receipt. As a Deputy Financial Officer for the B.C. Action Party, I can issue a tax receipt in the amount of 75% of the first 100 dollars, 50% on any amount from 101 to 500 hundred dollars and 35% on any amount from 501 dollars to a maximum legal, political contribution amount of 1,150 dollars per year.

Mail your political contributions (cheque or money order), include your name and return address and state the purpose of your political contribution. Mail to:

David Thomson
725 Franklyn Road
Kelowna, B.C.
Canada V1X-3T9

When making a political contribution to any political party, you can stipulate where the bulk of the contribution is to be spent. Day-care subsidies, post-secondary education, self-employment, designate the purchase of a computer or even a bicycle and designate the recipient of the contribution; even a family member or even yourself.

More on political contributions @
When you get there
just click on the flashing dollar sign. Benefit personally from your own political contributions and get a tax receipt to boot!

It's Sunday, Sept. 2, 2001 & I've been out for 4 days, now, with just 1 new sign, plugging this site. I've decided to "baby-sit my sign for fear that it'll sneak off on me like the last 3. I've been making the most of it though. I got some good reading in and lately, I've been standing next to the sign, smiling & waving. Good pratice for my potential political career, eh?

Monday, Sept. 3rd; Labour Day. Set up in front of Orchard Park on Harvey Ave., the main drag going through town. Smiling and waving, just like a damn politician. I had a blast but I thing I got a bit too much sun on my face. Think I'll go stand in front of the Kelowna Daily Courier for a spell but if the sun's too much, I'll scoot over to the shady side of the bridge approach.

Tuesday the 4th: I set up my sign in front of the Courier and about 5 minutes later, a lady came out and asked, could I please remove my signs. I said I didn't think so, explaining my civil right to demonstrate publicly, on public property. She said I was on Courier property and I told her that if she could bring me out a copy of the lot plan & description, I would consider leaving. She went inside.

About 5 minutes later, another lady came out, insisting that I leave. I asked her about the lot plan & description & she said she'd be phoning the cops next. I said o.k. She went back inside.

About 10 minutes later, a Ms. S.A. Heaton arrived, blocking 2 pedestrians' right of ways with her cruiser. Constable Heaton & I had a lively debate on civil rights vs. private property, public propertey, city property, by-laws, permits, etc.

I also brought up the conundrum of a media outlet's lack of interest in a demonstrator's outlandish sign. Rather than ask the customary who, what, when, where, etc, they phone the cops. Ms. Heaton informed me the the Courier was aware of what it was about. I asked Ms. Seaton if she new what it was about. She said she did.

The constable then asked me for i.d. I asked the obvious...She insisted that she needed it to check if I had any outstanding warrants. I complied. (Had I not, would she have arrested me on charges of vagrancy?)

No warrants (she must have over-looked the parking ticket) but the bottom line was that if I didn't take my sign & leave she would have to arrest me. And she was insisting on escorting me to my car, to be sure.

Just then, a camara-man from C.H.B.C.t.v. showed up. He must have been disappointed that I didn't get arrested because he put the camara down. Constable Heaton escorted me across the the street & the camara-man & I had a little chat. No film @ 11, though.

I spent the rest of the day on City park property @ the bridge approach, 1st on the south (or shady side) and later on the north side because the exposure is sooo much better, there. Either side has oodles more traffic than in front of the Courier so really, they did me a favour.

More than 400 hits in the last 2 days. I'd say that this "sign campaign" is paying off. It's like the band, Chilliwack sings, "If there ain't no audience, there just ain't no show."

Thank-you all so much for your signs of encouragement, folks. I get hoots & horns & thumbs-ups & thumb-finger circles & this thumb-baby finger thing (I think that's kewl) & every 1 in 200 hundred or so, a middle finger. I usually shout back; "You're number 1, too."

Over-all, there's way more yeas than neighs so if popular opinion still means anything...Thanks again, y'all.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th, I had other commitments so I left my sign out on on the boulevard on Harvey Ave., in front of the new Home Depot. The apprehension of leaving my sign unattended for any signifigant amount of time reaches critical mass on my return, as I get closer to where I last saw it. "Is it still there?......Phew!"

Sept. 6th & more extra-curricular activities. I had to abandon my sign for the morning, again. It appears to be much better behaved than the last 3. We had a marvelous afternoon together with more honking & cheering, etc. and a couple of middle fingers. Who are these guys??

Early this evening, a couple of young women stopped to chat me up. It turns out that they're editing and publishing a new, local, alternative newspaper, called Off-Centre. You can find a link to their site on my Links page.

In an effort to remain unbiased as to news sources, I think I'll set up in front of the Capital News, tomorrow morning. If things go the way I suspect, I'll be re-located @ Hwy 97S. S & 1st Ave. in Westbank, by noon. Jack Peach set up a roadside campaign there, during the spring, provincial election & got some great exposure.

It's Friday.
Had a friendly visit with a fellow from the Capital News who asked that I not make a fuss over removing my sign. He explained that the Capital News is shutting down their Vernon weekly newspaper & the publisher was not taking it well.

We also discussed civil rights, public/private property,lot plans/discriptions, APEC, Quebec City & Genoa, tyranny & the purpose of my little sign "campaign".

It appears as though they decided to just ignore my, hoping that I'd eventally just go away. Or perhaps that better there than somewhere else with much better exposure as I'd tactlessly pointed out during the initial conversation. Given the former, their wish came true as I packed up about 1 p.m. & headed for Westbank.

As I explained to the receptionist before I left, I'm not out to damage their newspaper in any way, I'm only trying to wake them up.

1st Ave. N. in Westbank might not be as productive as Orchard Park or the Bridge approach but I want to "target" a broader audience. (Sheesh, that sounds like multi-national lingo) And the folks in Westbank are just as agreeable as @ any other locations I've solicited :-)

Took the week-end off to expell the petro-carbons, m.m.t., etc. Give my arms a break, as well. Developed wavers' elbow, wrist & shoulders.

Monday, Sept. 10 & I set up next door to The Courier. Unfortunately, I was in front of an alternate school & was disturbing the class. I'm not doing this to irritate people, necessarily so I moved over to the bridge approach, again. Can't beat the exposure, there.

A few people have expressed displeasure in my choice of domain names. They don't like the word, "suck". That word is listed in my dictionary & it means, "to draw". It is indeed an appropriate word as our courts draw the life out of people. Just ask Darrin White of Prince George. That's right, you can't; he hung himself.

As outrageous as my sign, my tactics, the name of my site is, it cannot hold a candle to the outrageousness that our courts exhibit. I would have to indulge in illegal behaviour to match the antics of our courts.

Another day, another dollar... spent. Started off down @ the courthouse for about an hour or so, then headed back to the Courier. Didn't stake my sign down @ either location; just held it with 1 hand & waved with the other. This offered an advantage. I was able to display it, 360 degrees around, directing it towards anyone, vehicular or pedestrian :-)

At the Courier, I really felt that the opposite side of the street had greater exposure & that won out over "pestering" them on the public sidewalk in front of their building. I even crossed the street several times, trying out various locations. After about an hour, the lure of the bridge approach got the best of me. You just can't beat all that exposure!

All these past days, way more than several sherriffs & mounties have driven by, most of them smile & wave. Even more-so today, in front of the courthouse & in front of the Courier, just a short block from the nearest R.C.M.P. detachment.

The immensity of carnage that greeted our global village this morning, steals the media spotlight. Intensifying our horror & fitting into the plans of the perpetrators, yet to be determined. (shades of counter-accounts, such as the Murrah Building, tragedy, found @ Skolnick's Report come to mind.)

The 1st I heard of today's tragedy was @ the courthouse. A guy, a courier or "runner", told me simply, that I should stay home & watch my t.v. I couldn't help but notice that this latest multi-pronged act of terrorism had not changed his plans for the day. Nor any of us, not directly related to it.

While all else has been so trivialized by this disaster, there's really very little that any one of "us" could do, anyway. The whole world lies terrorized by some unidentified evil and most of us can do nothing about it except offer a blessing for the lost and the berieved.

It was a better choice to stay out there with my sign, rather than go home & watch re-enactments of today's atrosities on the tube. My thoughts can be with the suffering, even as I expose my little "can of worms". Evil is evil; let's expose what we can, each of us & get a better look @ this beast.

On Wednesday, I put my sign up @ Dilworth & Springfield, on the back corner of Orchard Park, mall. I spent some time there & then went for lunch. When I got back, my sign was gone. I tracked it down through the mall administration office. The individual that I spoke with was insistent that the boulevard was mall property & that their policy was no signs, what-so-ever. Fortunately, they had the sign in storage so I was able to retrieve it. I decided to call it a day & go home.

Took yesterday off. Surfed the internet & generally loafed about.

It's Friday! Big deal. Everyday's Friday, to me.
Went back to the back corner of Orchard Park & spent the day with my sign. Not a peep out of mall administration.

It was typical of a steady traffic, day although there were a couple of variations from the "number 1" group. For instance, one lady pointed a finger (index) directly at me & then brought her hand across her throat in a cutting motion. Should I be interpreting this as some sort of a threat? Hmm.

I know that there are a few individuals out there that have demonstrated some disapproval & I can only address them as I have to others who have threatened me. "Put your concerns on paper & send them to me. If they're valid, I'll print a retraction."

I can hardly be expected to identify any valid complaint in trying to interpret some derogatory gesture or passing, garbled profanity. If one cannot state a concern in some semblance of a constructive sentence or more, I can only conclude that one has nothing valid to offer.

In light of horrifying events, now being referred to as "9-11" (9th month/11th day), I've finally found the iniative to re-type a little good-will message that I wrote & disseminated, last winter. 2 Cavemen. At the time that I wrote it, I had absolutely no idea as to how relevant it would become, at this colossal sound-bite in the history of mankind.

I had no intention of using this page (or any other page, other than my "Links" page) to generate hits away from my site. Given our mainstream media's propensity to avoid various aspects of the truth, I find more plausability in articles by Sherman Skolnick & even such as I've found in my email and on on-line forums... "AliceinWonderland".

Makes more sense in explaining the lie that has stepped into my own life for the last 6 years, now; and I'm not the only one, it seems, who agrees. Our Courts Suck! (dot com)

Monday morning, 11 a.m. and I haven't put my sign up, yet. Spent pretty much all week-end surfing the skyway. I'd like to put my sign up but I'm not sure I can trust it on it's own. (...So that's what parenting feels like....)

Spent the afternoon with my sign, out in front of the building where Werner Schmidt's office is located. I dropped into the office, momentarily, to let them know that I'd be there. I had a great time, smiling and waving & the traffic is pretty steady, there, thanks to the 2 Landmark office buildings close proximity.

I am amazed at some of the people that drive by, painstakingly trying to avoid looking at me. I'm surprised that none have driven off the road in their state of inattention.

Three songs come to mind as I stand out there; Ray Steven's, "The Streak" ("Don't look Ethel! but it was too late; he'd already caught her in the cheap seats"), that song with the verse, "I smile & wave" & Capt'n. Hook ("there's a nut down on the corner giving dollar bills away"). As you can see, I keep myself amused.

Found another article in my email, quite worthy of exposure at this site, as well as a forward to all on my list.
"The military, industrial, and political establishment are cashing in on this tragedy, and it shouldn't serve as an excuse to be stupid." - Mindless Nationalism

There comes a time in every parent's life where you just have to start trying to trust your children out on their own, more. Some parents might be thinking; "Yeah but it's not my kids that I'm worried about." That's my sentiments about this 4th sign.

Due to other priorities, I finally put up the sign @ Harvey & Banks, on the north-west side of the intersection. I had previously decided to set it up where my demands took me but the wind was ferocious. The thought of travelling at highway speeds with a 5 foot sign strapped to the roof of my little import, producing a winged effect, caused me to abandon my baby - ahh...sign.

On return from my travels, I discovered that the wind had blown the sign down. At least it didn't go running off somewhere on me. It's a good sign, really....

It's now noon on Wednesday, Sept. 19th (hopefully) my sign is back @ yesterday's location where I left it, shortly after 8 this morning.

Yikes, it's the 29th already! Been leaving my sign up, here and there and even leaving it up, overnight. It went missing on Friday morning and as it was near City Works, I dropped in. The receptionist new nothing of it's where-abouts but offered to phone the by-law office for me.

There was a message from the by-law office on the answering machine when I got home but it was too late to call. Guess I'll have to wait until Monday to find out if I have to make another sign or not.

I've added a few more selections to "From the Desk"; Eddy, Capitalism in Crisis and Understanding Terrorism. All, elightening points of view, worth consideration.

Whilst deliberating over my desire to build yet another sign...a spark of recognition! Alas, the season's turning to winter, drawing other matters to attention.

Over the winter I managed to construct not one but two signs, even better than the first four - practice makes perfect, eh. These ones attach to the roof of my car for display and are removable and have legs that attach for display on busy boulevards. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to present to you,
"Take a trip and Never Leave the Farm".

June 27, 2002.

The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to posting my signs at the bridge approach next to City Park at the entrance to Kelowna. Prior to that, I'd been moving them to a variety of locations, testing the exposure.

For a couple of days, I set up at the bridge approach on the west side of Okanagan lake but was run off by the bridge manager, Mike Woodcock. He claimed that my signs are a distraction to motorists. Imagine that; 60 foot billboards up and down both sides of the highway are o.k. but my 5 foot signs are a distraction to motorists.

Last Saturday, set up by the park, I spent the day smiling and waving at passing motorists. On Sunday, feeling the effects of heat exposure, exhaust fumes and sore shoulders from all the waving, I put up my signs and spent the day on a park bench in the shade. Saturday's efforts attracted 2,400 visitors to this site and on Sunday, just 200 visitors logged on to read about the horrors of our courts. I guess I'm going to have to work for exposure.

This last week, I've been diligently standing by my signs, smiling and waving. With all the isometric excercise, soon I'll have arms like Popeye if the exhaust fumes don't get to me, first.

Yesterday, I witnessed a horrific accident. A dump truck hit a small car, catching the car on the driver's front fender, pushing it sideways and down the road for about 20 feet or more. Finally the car shot backwards over the curb and down into City Park. Fortunately nobody was hurt, although the elderly lady driving the car was quite understandably shaken up.

Also, someone absconded with another one of my signs, yesterday. It dissapeared shortly after mid-day from where I had erected it, across the highway from the City Park track oval. Whoever took it must have stopped their vehicle (probably a pick-up truck) on the highway, snatched the sign, driving off with it. I searched the length of Mill creek from the site where the sign stood, all the way to the lake. There was no sign of it. (no pun intended :-)

As this is the fifth signs that's been stolen, I filed an official RCMP report (file # 02-26672) with Constable D.K. Haftner. As I explained to the constable and his side-kick, if it were not for the frequency of the thefts, I wouldn't have bothered. I realise that they have more important things to attend to but by filing the report, it's now on their official record.

I would like to thank Constable Haftner for his professional attitude in dealing with me, contrary to that of his partner. True to his word, Constable Haftner left a voice message for me, informing me of the file number that he had assigned to my complaint. In the background I could hear his colleagues guffawing over the situation (I presume).

Many people have applauded my efforts in bringing these attrocities to the attention of the general public. Through cheering and honk as you drive by, to personally approaching me to express your favour, you encourage me to keep it up. Your numbers far outweigh the hooligans who drive by occassionally, hurling obsenities, with middle fingers extended (and occassionally stopping to steal one of my signs).

On this note, I wish to request from you, further substantial (tax deductable) support. I do not wish to seem ungrateful for the support that you've already shown me, I am merely having financial difficulty trying to get by while I keep up this campaign. It all costs money, from making new signs to maintaining this website and I've been trying to finance the entire project out of my disability pension ($780.00 per month)

To those of you who have and continue to show me support, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those of you who steal my signs and hurl obsenities at me, why not tie a ten dollar bill to a brick & throw that at me.

Please, "Buy My Signs" - don't steal them.

Yours very truly,

David Thomson
Agent for the
B.C. Action Party 


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