2 Cavemen


There's these 2 cavemen; one's a publisher & the other sells wheels & he wants to run an ad.

"Good round wheels! Put 'em on your cart & you'll go like the devil!"

The wheel guy gets a call to go proof his ad & when he takes a look, there's typos everywhere. "God insted of "good" & he's dropped the "d" in "devil". "

They get into an argument over the spelling. God - good; devil - evil! Good - God; evil - devil! In the tradition of all caveman, they break out the clubs. The wheel guy wins but now he's killed the only guy he knows that can carve a tablet.

The point is, call it whatever you like; Good - God; devil - evil; it's the same thing. Whether you look in the Bible or look in the Koran, "neither God" condones violence and "both Gods" enshrine brotherhood.

All of the killing throughout all of history, right up to today, over who's God is the "right" God or which interpretation is right, is simply evil. An excuse for racism which is just discrimination. Be it class discrimination, gender, religious views or ethnic background, it is evil.

If we wish to accurately refer to ourselves collectivelty as society, we need to abolish this "caveman mentality" because it is still alive and well!

"All that it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing." - Edward Burke

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson


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