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With all of the oppression, confict, even horror being inflicted in today's world, what we all could really use, is a little more kindness.

"We shall raise the rate of wages, which, however, will not bring any advantage to the workers, for at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices...We shall further undermine artfully and deeply sources of production, by accustoming the workers to anarchy and to drunkedness...In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the unenlightened before the proper time we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes and the great principles of political economy about which our economic theories are carrying on an energetic propaganda." - The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

Who is Percy Schmeiser? A Saskatchewan farmer who was persecuted by the multi-national corporation, Monsanto, who alleged, among other things, that Mr. Schmeiser stole their genetically-modified rapeseed -
"In a key part of the ruling, the judge agreed a farmer can generally own the seeds or plants grown on his land if they blow in or are carried there by pollen -- but the judge says this is not true in the case of genetically modified seed."

For a closer look at missing children, modern slavery, pornography, prostitution and pedophile concerns and various subjects related to child exploitation, including mind control techniques, see
A former private investigator, Mr. Nicholson has dedicated more than 10 years compiling information that he now shares with any others who harbour such concerns.

When is a farm, not a farm? Gladys Brown bought 3.6 acres in yhe village of Midway, British Columbia. The people that she bought it from, lived there and raised, among other things, potatoes; it was a farm. After Gladys bought it, she lived there and planted a small orchard of seabuck-thorn, a hardy, fruit-bearing bush, indiginous to Russia and also perfect for the desert climate, off-set by bitter-cold spells in winter, typical of Midway and area.

With nothing more than a nursery (Stewart Brothers), Pope & Talbot Sawmill, the Kettle River and a rocky hillside covered with tumble-weeds, knap-weed, a few small farms (one of which is Gladys'), a trailer-court and some other residences, a museum, a strip-mall, grocery store, post office, police station, library, a hardware store, a bar/hotel, schools with playing fields and a villiage council who have now taken the position that Gladys' farm is no longer a farm. If it "quacks like a duck"...

The Zanetti sisters, Tina and Gina have been documenting corruption in the Provincial and Supreme Courts of British Columbia for a while now, constantly updating their website,
I finally met Tina an Gina, last winter, while attending the trial of Raymond LaHoux, a 79 year old man who, back in 1995, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for striking a lawyer with a sythe while attending a hearing over "costs".
Mr. LaHoux had previously warned Justice McKinnon that "there will be bloodshed if ... continue to fuck me!"
Now in November of 2004, both Tina and Gina, as well as John Carten and myself had all been invited to testify as to the corruption in our courts - but the judge decided that our testimony would not have been relevent?...
Read about those details and more @

Another British Columbia website, published by Ron Korcut, doing a fine job of documenting corruption and naming those names you'll want to avoid - is another "must see".

John Bjornstrom, Bushman of the Shuswaps has got his own website. Seems John's just as at home with technology as much as he's at home with nature. Just goes to show; all you need is a story to tell to get published on the internet and John's got a doozy!

Byron Prior

More and more, people are starting to realize the tremedous odds against having a "fair and impartial" hearing in our courts. Those of you that anticipate or find yourself engaged in litigation, whether aware or not, owe it to yourselves to read about "The Weidner Method" before making another move!

"What is the sense of ruining my head and erasing my memory and putting me out of business? It was a brilliant cure...but we lost the patient."
Ernest Hemingway was Involuntarily committed before being given the ECT that drove him to suicide, After the brutal electric shock experience, he had written those words to a very dear old friend.

Is the ever-increasing level of lunacy starting to wear you thin?
""Amateurs Built The Ark - Professionals Built The Titanic" - PACIFIC SOUTH WESTERN ADVOCATES

Another Canadian site that should be of interest to those who wish to learn more and participate in opposing the usurping of justice in this country -
but as of today's date, February 27th 2005, this site is unavailable and there appears to be no cashe @ google.
I believe this site is/was the product of Ornst Rusnak's work, who also published as a hardcover nonfiction, the book titled "The Lawyer in the Prisoner's Box", detailing Mr. Rusnak's experiences in the Canadian legal system. After a subsequent Google-search, I can now at least offer you a biography of the man.
Sadly, Mr. Rusnak's "unique, innovative and comprehensive consulting services" wound him up in some ugly press, to say the least...

Perhaps I was fortunate enough to have already been fleeced, prior to any introduction to Orest Rusnak. But it was becausing of my fleecing @ the hands of our "just-us" system that I came to know of him, through Eddy Haymour, who was also resoundingly fleeced.
I don't have to try to imagine what it is like to spend the 2nd half of a life-time, trying to expose a system that is systematically oppressive and riddled with corruption. I can't help but wonder..."Is he really guilty or was he torpedoed...? - - "buyer beware"

"Must the citizen ever for a moment, or in the least degree, resign his conscience to the legislator? Why has every man a conscience then? I think that we should be men first, and subjects afterward. It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right. The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right. " - by Henry David Thoreau - On the Duty of Civil Disobedience. - British Columbia's activist site.

"America's definition of terrorism is clear, concise and unambiguous: "Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetuated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents."

"Not so in Canada. The government here has clearly demonstrated its aversion to wildcat strikes, general dissension and civil disobedience by its citizens. The fledgling anti-terrorism legislation being drafted reflects their position - 'It's time to clean the clocks of all dissension'."

"Hypocrisy is when men do the very things they preach against. Americans preach against Nazi Germany, but do the very same things. Daisy cutter bombs can kill as many people as any crematorium."

While on the surface, seemingly far removed from the Supreme Court of British Columbia, recently developed and developing "global economic policies" shed much light on the concerns of all who feel that they are (have) being (been) ignored and/or exploited.

To understand the underlying currents that control these issues, is to understand the underlying currents that possess your situation more than you might think.

"...IMF conditionalities forced countries such as South Korea, Brazil, and Russia to export manufactured goods to the U.S. at rock-bottom prices based on depression-level wages. This has contributed substantially to the ongoing recession in U.S. manufacturing..."

Globalization Schemes (Australian Web Site)

Just because something sounds outrageous, that does not mean that it is not true. Isn't that why you're here, now? Something outrageous is going on!

The general chaos that has started to evolve, from riots in Seattle, Quebec City and Genoa, to failing public health-care, labour disputes in all sectors of public programs from teachers to bus drivers.

It has culminating in massive lay-offs, and privatization, causing dissent throughout the province of British Columbia!

It's about money...

And for an illustrated essay on the precise and only purpose for the existence of any monetary system, entertainingly informative so that any age group with an elementary ability to read can appreciate - The Ultimate Scam!

Federal Reserve caused Great Depression by Senator Louis T. McFadden What's this got to do with you? To better understand the fundamentals of what's going on, it helps to better understand what went on, historically.

"Mathematic proof the present world's central banking systems perpetually and irreversibly multiply debt in proportion to commerce, until every such system ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt.
Mathematic proof of perfected economy; and history of economy indicating the termination of such a system, as developed prior to the American Revolution, was the principal cause of the colonists' revolt. "

Bankruptcy of the US Government.
Mo' money...

The United States is still a British Colony

It's all about money. The historical evidence is irrefutable. It explains the present and it defines the future.

"Natural Health Therapies, Earth Changes, Free Energy, & Big Brother
Say "Hell No!" to the NWO"

In British Columbia, even our courthouses and jails are being closed down while back-logs of court hearings accumulate, soon to be compounded even more severely, compromising what remains of their intended function.

Can you imagine? "...Gotta run - off to mccourt for my mchearing." Hey, good luck eh, dude - you sure don't want to be goin' to no mcjail..."

From: "The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada by (Rev.) Kevin Annett: Published by The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, a public investigative body continuing the work of previous Tribunals into native residential schools, including the United Nations-affiliated IHRAAM Tribunal of June 12-14, 1998, convened in Vancouver, Canada."

To: The tragic end of Darrin White. Was a judge's decision responsible for this tragedy? You be the judge.

At home: Someone in your life gone missing?

Also, a hardcopy publication that is now in circulation,
The Lookout. Primarily concerned with the growing numbers of "street kids", this publication is a good place to check out if someone that you know has gone missing.

"Child molestation is no longer a secret or something that can only happen to other people. It crosses all socio-economic levels. Sex offenders come in all shapes and sizes, from any part of society and can be of any sexual preference."

And Abroad: "Since ( or Azzam News) breaking headlines on 09 November 2000, more and more media sources have been hinting at possible U.S. military action in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Russians are trying to find excuses in order to attack Afghanistan." Or is it 'Pipelineistan'?

A Muslim's perspective on a miriad of issues, from good health to good will and by contrast, the likely cause of ill health and bad will.

Gillian Guess, British Columbia's notorious supreme court juror, copes with the residue of her own life after her ordeals with our courts and political elite -
"...How do you separate "normal" teenage anti-social behavior from the possible fallout of several years of judicial chaos and corruption?
There certainly are no support groups for this syndrome... My circumstances have just become a topic in my home which the children refuse to discuss. The huge, great elephant sits in the middle of our living room every day which we walk around and pretend not to notice. Healthy, not!"

I understand that the B.C. Ministry of Children and Families is still problematic, parents and children, often further victimized by our courts, in spite of efforts by people like Kari Simpson, who founded the Citizen's Research Institute, in Vancouver, B.C.

We The Disabled Parents is a site where you can meet a mother with three children, lost to the Ministry of Children and Families, here in British Columbia. This lady would like to be heard.

Another endeavour to bring about changes to the ongoing practice of bureaucrats that disrupt and separate families. A child is doing much more than just trying to speak out. From picketing a court-house to going on a hunger strike, see the powerful statement that Clayton Giles has to deliver!

"This site is about the abduction of two young children by the Government of New Brunswick Canada and is dedicated to the enforcement of children's and fathers rights and freedoms."

It appears as though "Child Protection Services" is alive and well in Washington State, thriving on the same abduction techniques that are becoming more prevalent, generally.
Read about "The Citizen" and be sure to have a look at "The Facts", a link @ the bottom of the "The Citizen" page @

And in California...
"If Santa Clara County Family Court doesn't shape up and correct all the unlawful and unjust actions going on in Family Court Then it will be time to Go Public Like Marin County"

Fresno County Juvenile Hall

Diane Booth - Desperate Mother Warns of Rampant Abuse by California Child "Protective Services".
And most recently, Diane has posted her own site - Free Vincent Booth

The Nordic Committee for Human Rights - for the Protection of Family Rights in the Nordic Countries.

The Ministry of Children and Families often employs psychologists, some of whom, it's been proved, have submitted false reports about parent(s), colluding in invalid Ministy child apprehensions.

"Tana Dineen has over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology and is a licensed psychologist in British Columbia and Ontario.Dr. Dineen's book, Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People, was first released in 1996 and significantly revised in 1998 and again in 2001."

Dick Freeman is a pen-name for a group of Canadian men, writing on the "broad theme of Men's Issues, with a decidedly non-feminist point of view".

In Canada, because of some action taken against a taxpayer, there becomes stress that a taxpayer is unable to handle and through *mental illness* they commit suicide.

"If you are uncomfortable with the Government’s control of our lives and diminution of our fundamental RIGHTS in the name of PUBLIC SERVICE, you are not alone.
The issue I am trying to publicize is a perfect example of unlawful actions of the Government and how the Government uses the courts to protect the offenders."

Scandalous corruption in Saskatchewan! As seen on C.B.C.'s the 5th Estate
"We hope you will continue to support us as our persistence and investigations continue to take us to truths we could never have found without the internet."

"The announcement on Thursday, April 19, 2001 by Ed John, Minister of Children & Families that he has filed a lawsuit against The Radical newspaper claiming defamation and slander comes as no surprise to Publisher & Editor Arthur Topham."

A look at the Gustavson Lake debacle from an insider's point of view. Splitting the Sky.

If you're interested in organizing, participating in, or if you're just curious about who's organising what and where, visit the Activist Network Administrator for British Columbia and Alberta.

With the intent of providing solutions to some of our growing, insidious, social problems, visit The Preferred Network.

Citizens Voice for Health Rights is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to reclaiming every Canadian’s right to choose safe and affordable herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements as foods.

How about the Judges' Home Page? Look through British Columbia Supreme Court decisions & access the British Columbia Supreme Court Rules. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Or would you like to email the Premier of British Columbia and/or an M.L.A.? is the homepage of Hampshire Hill Research. They are presently working together with the Open World Network, proposing to complete the Smith Inquiry, in the wake of A.G. Geoff Plant's announcement to squash the inquiry.

Oddly enough, has become a restricted domain. Odd because it was ordered for the public good and funded with public money.

The Cassandra Papers: "For nearly forty years Andy Turnbull worked as a reporter, editor and freelance writer for newspapers and magazines across Canada and around the world. In that time he interviewed dozens of scholars, politicians and bureaucrats..."

Free Dominion - Grassroots Conservatism in Canada:

Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee A group Canadians, Connie Fogal, Harry Rankin, Q.C. and others, who have been actively opposing our federal gvnt.'s expropriation of Nanoose Bay & their participation in further secret trade negotiations by filing motions in our supreme court. They also organize anti-trade rallies, demonstrations & publish & circulate a newsletter.

On the other hand...see a letter of reply that I received from Constance Fogal, a lawyer and director and promoter for Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee.

Another site that I am happy to plug is Gary Sorenson's Tax Law. There's plenty of information on the income tax act, including critizms. Gary is constantly updating this site to keep it current with timely topics on the feds, tax law changes, supreme court decisions, his own legal arguments (he's an ex-auditor who appears to know his stuff). You can email him and submit your own thoughts or subscribe to his newsletter. Tax Law with enough wit to actually make it entertaining.

The Canadian Nationalist Resource Page is a good index page to locate other significant Canadian content based sites.

Looking for a good redition of our Canadian flag to display on your Canadian website or other project? For your choice of hundreds of images of Canadian flags...

The owner of this site has received notice from the feds over "copyright infringements" or something like that. If you would like to display your own Canadian flag, just select, then right-click and choose "save as" to copy and paste the 1 that's on my index page...I am Canadian, eh!

"Born in Sherbrooke, Québec, Pierre Lemieux is an economist, author, teacher, and consultant. He is presently Visiting Professor in the Department of Administrative Sciences, Université du Québec à Hull (Canada), and cochairman of the GREL (Groupe de Recherche Économie et Liberté)." Have a look @ his "Friendly Sites"

Read about news of corruption on an international scale, from covert C.I.A. operations to the manipulation of gold prices, the Bank of England, the Bush family and the Japanize Mafia @ Skolnick's Report

Harmless Error©, a true story by Linda Sanders, about the abuse of judicial discretion in Littleton, Colorado and the remedies employed against it.

Judicial Watch on mission in California. The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, J. A. I. L. "Our goal is to first take California by storm, then the other states by fall-out. What begins in California sweeps the nation. By pressure of the other states, we shall create and call for federal judicial accountability."

Founded in California and "Dedicated to Exposing Illegal and Immoral Practices in The Courts ... Particularly the Family Law System which includes the Courts, Attorneys, Family Services, Psychologists and Therapists,Visitation Monitors, Ad-Litems, Social Workers, Child Protection Agencies and all of the agencies that support these so-called professionals."

 Court Corruption in Rhode Island:
I was so impressed that I requested permission to post one of the pages.The Litigant in Person

Arizona Legal Abuse: Examples of corruption in Arizona courts & political collusion.

The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Attorneys and Judges

Common Sense, written by Thomas Payne in 1791, was every bit as pertinent then as it is, now. Given the disturbing decisions "handed down" from time to time, it appears as though "common sense" is not so common among adjudicators & various other administrations. This is also an excellent site to research many historical documents.

Evidence of Court Corruption in England. The Lord Chancellor had Mr. Hulbert's site shut down. Didn't like the exposure? Mirrors of Mr. Hulbert's Webpages.

A human rights site in the U.K. Lots of interesting case files & links, like: Roz Kellett, More Roz Kellett & even more Roz Kellett

The child protection services are alive & well in the U.K.

In my journey around this "world-wide community" I am discovering that I am not alone with my dismay at the degree of immorality embedded in such "lofty institutions" as our supreme courts and beyond.

I am also discovering that there are more and more educated, caring people who are actively opposing these glaring examples of corrupt administrations.

We are asserting our right to be heard!

Stop the New World Order!
Stop the New World Order!

If you're just looking for an online, classified-ads site, try Classifieds You can place free ads, trade links buy banner space or search the classifieds for bargains.

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson

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