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Supporting documentation, exposing continuing activities such as illustrated in the article published, February 2002, in the Radical Press, "A Tale of 2 Lawyers", Robert W. Nicholson has published Stolen Innocence. (isbn#0-9694807-I7)
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"Nicholson attempts to remove the cloak from the dagger in his research. What may seem too bizarre today, if authorities would simply educate themselves, will be seen as a reality of unaddressed horrors to for victims. Do we really believe that centuries of books and scripts on cults and Satanism are fantasies which never get acted out? Read this book, then ask again!" -
P.J. (Phil) Moriarity, President Interglobal Investigation Services Inc., Vancouver B.C.

"Though many therapists and law enfoorcement persons are aware of organized sexual abuse of children in British Columbia, this is the first book that attempts to document the extensiveness of the abuse and the breadth of the corruption in our province." -
Garry Flint, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist.

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The chronology of events that led up to the armed hostage-taking incident at the Canadian Embassy in 1976.
From Nut House to Castle - the Eddy Haymour story.
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"Senior government officials, including ministers of the Crown and with the knowledge of then-Premier W.A.C. Bennett, contrived to improperly curb Eddy Haymour's island development. They plotted to use the full force of the government to persecute Mr. Haymour. No less than six departments - Lands, Municipal Affairs, Health, Attorney General, Highways and the Provincial Secretary - were involved in the conspiracy to prevent him from developing his island. The B.C. government's actions have been highly improper, illegal and even cruel." -
Supreme Court Justice Gordon MacKinnon.

"Mr. Haymour and his family have suffered greatly, have borne the absolute knowledge of this injustice alone for many years, and it is extremely important that society at large know it was an injustice. The Provincial Government should make a public expression of regret for the harm done to Eddy Haymour for the wrongful acts of the Crown between 1971 and 1975. Fair treatment to individuals is the essence of our democracy and deliberate breaches of the trust placed in public officials must weigh heavy on the public conscience." -
B.C. Ombudsman, Stephen Owen.

"It's almost unbelievable that this could have happened in British Columbia. It's an object lesson in what bureaucrats and politicians can get away with. i suppose in a way I am one of the guilty ones in this particularily dramatic persecution of Eddy Haymour. I thought Eddy was out of his mind. I was on the radio with Simma Holt and said this man should be in jail. Ten years later, this man's quest for justice proves he was right. You will accept my apology, will you? It was my automatic response to a man who had been charged with threatening all kinds of people, and who had gone into the Canadian Embassy, and I was wrong." -
BCTV journalist, Jack Webster.

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