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April 26, 2001.

Last fall, Jean Cretien called for a federal election, much to the surprise of most Canadians; he had not yet completed his original term of office. For me, it meant another golden opportunity to hand out business cards, promoting my site.
People expect to be handed literature, etc. during an election campaign.

As time has passed, i've come to think of this web site as an "acid test". I hand a politician a card & observe their reactions. As they squirm & try to evade me, even sneaking out the back door as i walk in the front, i make a mental note; "There goes part of the problem, not the solution."

I've gotten used to politicians evading & avoiding me. When i took to the streets, last fall, it was with every intention of remaining non-partisan. I fully expected to spoil my vote, yet again, by printing the words, "non of the above" on the bottom of my ballot.

In attending the candidates debates that were held, locally, i noticed a new political party on the scene. The Canadian Action Party had a registered candidate in this riding & with some healthy skepticizm, mixed in with curiosity, i listened & then approached this new "player", Jack Peach.

To my surprise, this man made no effort to distance himself from me. On the contrary; he welcomed & embraced my determination.

After the "show" was over & the votes had been tallied, Mr. Peach had garnered about 1,200 votes from people that recognize the corruption that has become rampant in a miriad of administrations, controlled by our bureaucratic elite.

Shortly after, i received a call from Mr. Peach. He explained that he could wait around for another couple of years for Mr. Cretien to call another federal election or he could also form a provincial party to run in the pending provincial election. He invited me to "come along for the ride."

So here it is, just a few months later and i find myself in the most unlikeliest of circumstances, competing as a candidate for the newly formed B.C. Action Party, in the riding of Kelowna-Lake Country. Will wonders ever cease?

Never-the-less, in the same non-partisan tradition as i attempted to maintain, last fall, please "click on" to the enclosed pages and read the replies that i have received from a variety of politicians and other "concerned" agencies.

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson





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