Pedophile Protection Program

A father's worst nightmare!

Rob Nicholson worked out of camps. Twenty days in, thirty days in - whatever paid the best - whatever was available. One day, arriving home from one of these stints, Rob walked into a rude surprise - his wife wanted no more to do with him!

Naturally, this led to family court to decide custody, visitation, the division of the family assets, etc.

This story unfolds in Hope, British Columbia and because Hope is a small town, there are few secrets. Rob started hearing allegations that his wife was involved in "the cocaine crowd" and prostitution. On his visitation days, Mr. Nicholson's children began disclosing abuse - sexual abuse, while in their mother's care.

Mr. Nicholson took the appropriate steps, arranging for medical and psychological exams, all of which supported the disclosures that these children made. Mr. Nicholson's subsequent referral to the Hope RCMP detachment, generated this response.

Is this RCMP detachment "asleep at the wheel", so to speak?

Or are they protecting someone?

Things weren't moving along too well in the above-mentioned family court proceedures, either.

As for Sergeant Hill, does he even understand the purpose of his official capacity?

Perhaps they should have talked it over with Rob's lawyer "de jour"?

Perhaps they did?

A letter to the Public Complaints Commissioner for the RCMP nets this reply

The local cops don't appear to be working - Why not try... say, Interpol...


Another Lawyer picks up the file...Ooops!

A frustrated father sits down and writes a letter to Joy Mc Phail.

In the course of a provincial court hearing, presided over by Judge Hoy and brought on by Family Maintenance Enforcement, Mr. Nicholson confesses the reason why he no longer pursues his concerns at the supreme court level, the originating forum. This father told Judge Hoy that he had received a chilling message; "The next time you see your kids, it will be in a snuff movie."

Incredulously, Judge Hoy's head snapped to the right, the better to observe Mr. Nicholson! Judge Hoy was clearly disturbed. Quite flustered, he ordered Mr. Nicholson to file a motion before the supreme court and file a copy in the provincial court as well. He also "siezed himself" of this matter. Mr. Nicholson complied.
You be the Judge!

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