Introduction to "Contempt of Court" 

I received a fax one afternoon, just days after I had the opportunity to discuss on a local radio talk show, some of the details of my misfortunes at the hands of our Supreme Court of B.C. The author of this letter explained that he had been named as a co-defendant in the civil suit that the woman had pursued, acting as her own counsel, after her lawyer had quit. The author had hand written a legend or key
"Floe is Berge",  Rook is Bishop" and entitled it, Contempt of Court".

I have talked extensively with the woman, Alexis Qually and she explained that the realtor that she initially named in the suit, Sherwin Goerlitz lost his realtor's licence over the matter and she has assured me that this letter is accurate in all respects that directly concern her.

I agree in principle with every word and if I were to have penned this story, the only change that I would have made is that I would have used the phrase "it would appear that" when making general statements that refer to "political hacks" and such.

Satisfied as to the validity, I disseminated the tirade via fax, as I had with my own horror story. In keeping with "tradition" I received yet another threatening letter, this time from Clay B. Williams of Berge and Company. While he was not explicit about a document that he was referring to, I can only assume that he was referring to the fax, "Contempt of Court".

In my reply to Mr. Williams, I explained that it is not against the law to tell the truth in Canada. I have not heard back from either Mr.Williams or any of his associates and so now conclude that "Contempt of Court" is accurate in every aspect.You can read the threats and my replies, later.

Yours truly

David Hunter Thomson

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