Newsletter on Taxation- Sept 23, 2001

How does one stop state sponsored terrorism?
Any words of wisdom?

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Subject: Terrorism: The good, the bad and the ugly. (Wisdom-discussion
forum- )

The understanding of a terrorist and its remedy...lets understand the terrorist first; its remedy later...stress and its many applications.

" the bad and the ugly" peaceful demonstrations in support of a cause.
In most cases who is listening? No one.

"The good" The terrorists sends a message. The state and media react in a state of denial. The terrorists sends further messages. The means justify the end...a small price to pay.

Through the eyes of a terrorist, with a valid concern, a very creative approach...what do you think?

Do I have empathy for a terrorist? Yes In the absence of remedy what choice does a terrorist have? Do I support terrorism? No.

Has the USA made any proclamations of understanding the root causes of such an event let alone an attempt at remedy? Not that I've seen.

I can see a host of applications for many can you see?

The better one understands terrorism the better one can cope with terrorism.

If a terrorist were to send a message ( assuming we all were to agree with it ) in Canada what do you think the response would be? Remember we all agree with the message and not necessarily the method of delivery.
In Canada how many times would the same message have to be sent in order for it to be understood and remedied?

In this hypothetical example one building is bombed and 300 public servants die. In Canada how many revisits (to buildings) would it take for the message to get through? The means justify the end...a small price to pay. True or False?

The media, in Canada, condones state sponsored terrorism. True or False?

The media believes illegal administrative decisions are to be termed "overzealous action" and therefore a justifiable price for all Canadians to pay. True or False?

To challenge state sponsored terrorism via peaceful due process without success what should then be considered? Is terrorism a logical approach: Fight fire with fire? True or False

State sponsored terrorism is peacefully challenged in Canada without resolve. To think in terms that a resolution via terrorism may not occur is but a fools paradise. How could one prevent it? He who thinks that
the ground is not fertile to such an event is but a fool.

If such event were to take place which terrorist would you blame? Is it better to discuss the matter before the event or after the event? If there be no event(s) there could be resolution. If there be an event(s) there will be resolution.

Terrorism appears to be a successful tool to a negotiated resolution of a dispute. IRA Ireland with a reformed MP at the helm?

Where a negotiated resolution of a dispute cannot be found a terrorist solution will find it. With that in mind why fight terrorism? Is it not an act to correct a wrong ( and I'm not thinking of a perceived wrong )?
Think in the terms of the rationale and logic of a terrorist. I do not subscribe to the allusion that they are all madmen :-)

If there be a useful purpose for terrorists think in terms of the many useful applications, if any, where the means justify the ends. How many theories come to mind that would be in the best interests of all?
Think in terms of a terrorist .....lets understand the terrorist first; its remedy later.....

If one does not have an understanding of who the "enemy" is how does one expect to win?

The "Oklahoma Bomber" strikes again: in Canada

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