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The "Rule of Law"

Josiah Wood - Respectfully, Withdraw! British Columbia Vigilantes

When it Rains...

In the midst of the gloom, a ray of sunshine...

"It is an absurd anachronism that the law should make these people out to be criminals." "Law, Order and Pot."

Karl-Heintz Eisbrenner on the Law Society, their code of professional conduct and the contradiction between their mandate and their distinction in society - who's "blessed" - who isn't..."The Synagogue of Satan"

George Radwanski - Privacy Commissioner of Canada on February 13, 2002, in Hamilton, Ontario
Watching You: Privacy Rights and Video Surveillance

Pipelineistan - The games nations play.

Is someone impersonating the Queen of England?
"Notes to Editors - By declaration at the Imperial Conferences of 1917, 1921and 1923 the United Kingdom government commenced the process of independence for the five named dominions, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Newfoundland."

"Of course we Canadians knew EXACTLY what we are doing... Like when we 'PATRIATED' our Constitution..."

Glen Kealey, founder of CIPI, Canadian Institute for Political Integrity and AIC (pronounced ache) Assembly of Independant Canadians, has said that deleberate actions, causing populations to become entirely disenfranchised across the political spectrum, is by design to render a sense of helplessness throughout the populace at large.

In light of horrifying events, now being referred to as "9-11" (9th month/11th day), I've finally found the iniative to re-type a little good-will message that I wrote & disseminated, last winter. 2 Cavemen. At the time that I wrote it, I had absolutely no idea as to how relevant it would become, @ this colossal sound-bite in the history of mankind.

It has been said that an aura exists surrrounding every living thing. Evidence of the spirit that is life itself, it has also been documented that this spirit exists within you, as well. That there are levels of spirits, as in the essence of the plant kingdom, the kingdom of insects, the animal kingdom and so on, like wrungs of a ladder.
The underside of the bottom wrung of the ladder.

With the speculation over Middle Eastern responsibility for last Tuesday's ugly display, it seems that various news agencies have expressed an interest in Mr. Haymour's views. (from his perspective, previously having been accused of committing an act of terrorism.) In fact Eddy had been, himself and his family, terrorized by various ministries and administrators of the British Columbia government - for more than 10 years, already!

The understanding of a terrorist and its remedy...lets understand the terrorist first; its remedy later...stress and its many applications.

"From this perspective, the real meaning of the "War on
Terrorism" begins to come into focus. Permit me to
speculate as to the scenario which is likely to unfold..."

"The military, industrial, and political establishment are cashing in on this tragedy, and it shouldn't serve as an excuse to be stupid." - Mindless Nationalism

All I'm certain of is that such an inhumane afront against all of humanity, is just that; in-human! Call them what you will, from toadies to trolls, from the "Secret Order of the Water of the Water Buffallo", to the "Illuminatti", there's an "Ole' Boys Club" out there. It's well connected, it's evil and it's living, right here among us, in charge of all of our public administrations.

In further light of the recent horrifying events & the customary array of journalistic disection, examination and interpretation of same..."Alice in Wonderland".

Free Trade vs. Sovereignty - The rights of the citizens to maintain the reins of corporate interests where issues over limited resources, environmental impact, the health of the citizenry and sustainability, generally -
David Orchard's view on the topic as printed in the Montreal Gazette, Saturday, August 18, 2001. (I sure hope that Canada has the pluck and the military capacity to actually defend Her border(s) because the way President Bush has been talking, he's just going to trundle on up here and help himself!)

A broader look at the issues - The Simultaneous Policy - An Insider's Guide to Saving Humanity and the Planet. "Before telling you more about SP, I'd like to reduce to one word what I believe to represent the core of our world economic, environmental and social problems. That word is COMPETITION." (I'd call it "GREED"!)

It is said that civilization has reached a critical point in history; that the move toward a world centralization of commerce, banking and government could easily preclude our global villagers' environment, health and freedoms. A ray of hope glimmers, yet for society with this invitation to tea.

Find out what is causing the escalating debt of Canada and other nations. Scam of the Century.

"Global Resisitance to the New World Order:
Rethinking Tactics
With recent events in Genoa, the anti-globalization movement has reached a crossroads. To choose which path to take, we must understand what has been revealed from the relatively innocent days of Seattle to the overt fascism of Genoa. Crucially, we must recognize that we are in a war..."

Having said that, I just can't resist tossing in a few quotes from a few people, some of whom have been trusted with such things as national security. :-0

"This says it all: One of the things that now counts against you when the B.C.government is deciding whether to take your children away is whether they also took you away from your parents."

"Mother alleges foster care abuse ...When Beal's daughter Mishauna returned home from foster care, she had marks on her chest, thigh, and buttocks, Sumner has said. Mishauna and two of her brothers are deaf..."

"...the state of Connecticut has weighed in on the side of parents like Matthews with a first-in-the-nation law that reflects a growing backlash against what some see as overuse of Ritalin and other behavioral drugs."

Did our adversarial family justice system play a role in this murder-suicide? by Vernon Beck-June 21, 2000

Most rational human beings are peaceful when treated fairly and with dignity... by Vernon Beck-June 26, 2000

In response to a few complaints about me faxing "My Horror Story" and "Another Horror Story" all over town (also how I generated the threatening letters that I've received), I wrote "I'm Sorry" and faxed it, as well.

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