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June 2, 1998
Via Fax

To whom it may concern;

I have been engaging in what Grant Hardwick once referred to as a "campaign of facsimile barrages". Premier Clark referred to them the same way. (Do you think that they know each other? Maybe they went salmon fishing together.)

The point being, it appears to have annoyed a few of you & for that, i apologize for my intrusion. My intent has been only to expose the criminals that manipulate our justice system.

These people, rather than "uphold the honour & integrity of their chosen profession as officers of our courts", choose to take paltry advantage of their clients. They manipulate, distort & ignore the truth, the system & our laws, abusing their respective offices for personal gain, making a mockery of the very essence of their duties.

These people take an oath of office with regard to "honour & integrity in professional, extra-professional, as well as in private life, setting an example for the rest of society to follow." & what a shabby example it is that they set.

Do you want your children to follow examples such as the ones that I've written of & faxed to you in the past? Which brings me to my next point.

I have had many responses from my "facsimile barrages", most of them encouraging. I can't thank you folks enough for those uplifting moments. I have also received a few more horror stories, which i've begun collecting & I would like to share one more with you, as soon as I finish cutting & pasting (to pare down on the paper).

To all; please bear with me. This seems to be the only tactic that works with bureaucratic (pardon the vulgarity) CRAP!

To those that are rootin' for me; God bless you for caring.

To all those I'm annoying. Do you blame all the belly-up fish at the bottom of your swimming hole when it dries up? Or do you investigate upstream for the cause of the problem? It's like I've been telling you; I'm not the cause, just the effect. If you are annoyed, look upstream!

"All that it takes for the triumph of evil, is that good men and women do nothing."

Lets all send out a message that has to be heard!

Yours very truly,

David Hunter Thomson


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