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Subject: A Private Club of lawyers

The Right Honourable Rob Nicholson

Minister of Justice

Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario


Dear Sir;


Around 1992, I became a targeted victim of a local criminal cabal, ultimately in control of the administration of justice throughout the Okanagan region. So outrageous an assertion could never be made without conclusive documentation, evidence that I first published on the internet in 1997.[1]



Ten years later, I hear that the Honorable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice announced before Parliament, that our Administration of Justice was never meant to be “a private club of lawyers and judges”. To you, the Right Honourable Rob Nicholson, I am humbly beholden. I’ve been saying that for years, now, to no avail.[2]  


I am grateful you agree.


For years I’ve been engaged in outrageous shenanigans[3]

trying to draw attention to what has become for me at least, this abomination of virtually every functional structure governing society today. At the highest levels, criminal activity has been sanctioned in what appears to be a willful obstruction of justice, defined at section 139 of the Criminal Code of Canada.[4]     


I’m appalled at the number of people implicated, willfully engaged in obstructing what has clearly been and still is, an obvious miscarriage of justice, right from the beginning. The evidence shows that the lawyer lied, the realtor lied, then the judge implicated himself, relying so heavily on these lies that he published them at paragraph 7 of  his decision.[5]


A variety of crimes have been committed, both in the perpetration, and again by the perpetuation of these criminal frauds and other “Offences Against the Administration of Law and Justice”, found primarily, throughout Part IV, Sections 118-149 of the Criminal Code of Canada.


In the best interests that Justice be seen to have been served, I sincerely hope that as Minister of Justice, you makes good on your observations regarding the Administration of Justice, beginning with the conviction through the application of the Criminal Code of Canada, to arrest the criminal contamination of the Administration of Justice, beginning with this case in point.   


Yours very truly,


David Thomson

725 Franklyn Road

Kelowna, British Columbia (no Code, non Commercial)

(250) 765-6826


C.c. Ron Cannon, MP Kelowna – Lake Country, et al.








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