In early November 1997, I received the following letter, forwarded by my legal aid lawyer, Kirby Grant. I was finally appointed a legal aid lawyer, months after Salloum Doak got their judgment against me.

Almost a year had gone by since Grant Hardwick had started excercising his fraudulent judgment, wholesaling my work truck, a 1986 Ford 4X4 Super-Cab, garnishing my bank account, plus another $ 500.00 certified cheque that I paid them. The new owner of my truck looked me up and called to ask if I thought he got a good deal on it at $ 3,400.00. I'm sure I recall that it was about $ 435.00 that was garnasheed.

In the last paragraph of page 1 of Mr. Hardwick's letter, he referrs to their "considerable disbursements, including the cost of a psychological assessment...". The fact remains that Dr. Lea was never paid...

I replied to Grant Hardwick concerning his reference to my "slanderous campaign of facsimile barages", inviting him to put his specific concerns on paper; if they were valid, I'd print a retraction. Grant Hardwick never responded, indicating through tacit consent that he agrees, he has no valid concerns.

The intimidation and extortionist tone of Hardwick's letter, specifically the last paragraph of page 1 and the final paragraph of page 2, become all the more evident in the wake of Salloum Doak's May 1997 invoice to me.

I did reply to the invoice, bringing it to the attention of Ms. Grant, that the invoice could not possibly reflect the actual amount, considering the (fraudulent) award of $ 11,800.00 or so, minus the truck, garnashee, etc. The letter of reply that I eventually received from the Office Administrator, Dan Kilburn is even more outrageous.

I'm sure I have a letter of response around here, somewhere, telling Dan to send me all the invoices that he wanted but at least reflect the size of the award and the value of the looting, thus far, or words to that effect at least. True to his word, I received no further invoices, what-so-ever.

To my recollection, I had no further intentional direct contact with Grant Hardwick, et al, until I extended him an invitation on December 20th, 1994.

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