Karl-Heintz Eisbrenner and the Brouwer/Kuiper Case

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karl-heintz eisbrenner wrote:
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 12:51:58 -0800 (PST)
From: karl-heintz eisbrenner
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To: R.W.Nicholson
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you have my permission to post information regarding my suspension on Nov. 29.02 by the law society of b.c.

the court of appeal granted me orders on sept. 13.02 allowing me to continue with an appeal against the Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources [represented by Lisa Mrozinski, of the Attorney General's "Legal Services Branch"

those orders included allowing me to continue a May 4.01 Notice of Motion asking the court to strike the reasons for judgment of Drossos J. [now retired] as vexatious, scandalous and embarrassing

the reasons are based on Drossos J. rewriting my indictment implicating Premier Gordon Campbell and 2 cabinet ministers, Rick Thorpe and Bill Barisoff in fraud, breach of trust and obstruction of justice

on Sept. 11.98 Barisoffs commercial sand and gravel company started mining without a permit next door to hundreds of elderly residents

T. Richard Brooke, Q.C. [now Mr Justice Brooke] gave legal advice to the elderly and their landlords in Sept. 98 telling them he and his 'client' the Regional District would 'take care of things'

he did by giving [then investigative reporter] Gary Symons of the Penticton Herald false and fabricated evidence and information alleging Barisoffs were mining commercially and legally, when his own law firm's documents [he was senior partner] showed there was no basis for saying so

Gary Symons published an article in the Penticton Herald based on Mr Brooke's 'fabrications'; Brooke admitted to me Barisoffs did fabricate evidence [at his request on Oct. 7.99] but was elevated to the b.c. supreme court bench before I could get his affidavit

Brooke filed admissions in b.c. provincial court on Mar. 16.99 admitting the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen violated the law and participated with MLA's Campbell, Thorpe and Barisoff, in covering up evidence and suppressing false affidavits filed in b.c. supreme court proceedings [No. 00632, Oliver Registry, in Brouwer/Kuiper et al v. the government [Mines Ministry, Regional District, Barisoff MLA, his family, and family company]

the law society of b.c. took offence at my Feb. 12.99 pleadings filed in b.c. supreme court, alleged they were improper because they and my June 28.00 submission filed in court implicated the b.c. supreme court in crimes unless the court granted what my clients [the elderly/their landlords] were entitled to

Justice Drossos rewrote my indictment, an offence under the Legal Profession Act; he admitted it on the record in b.c. supreme court on July 3.01

Master Bishop covered up Mr Brooke's admissions that his client, the District, participated in fraud, coverup and suppression of truth

Justice Davies covered up the District's [good old boy] fraud involving a) government money for a fish ladder for fall spawning salmon in a creek that is dry, b) government money for road contracts for the Osoyoos Indian Band casino, c) Barisoffs mining without a permit [an offence carrying up to 1 year jail term and up to $ 100,000 fine for those who do it and for those who aid or abet it]

the b.c. supreme court, according to Bencher G. Jack Harris, Q.C. did not want the facts of the Brouwer/Kuiper case made public in 2000 for fear it would impact on the provincial election scheduled the next spring

apparently some of the power brokers, back room boys, did not want anyone or anything to interfere with their boy, Gordo, being elected [after failing in 1996]

bottom line: prior to b.c.'s May 2001 election, evidence shows the b.c. supreme court via certain of its 'federally appointed' members suppressed evidence of government fraud, breach of trust, obstruction of justice, i.e. leaving open the real question whether the last election was 'rigged' by members of the judiciary

the case pleadings set a precedent allowing groups of people harmed or abused by government to a) file for class certification under the Class Proceeding Act, b) in the same petition that asks for a Court to review and set aside government decisions, policies and operations that are abusive or harmful to the people, and c) using Rule 31 of the B.C. Supreme Court rules, to force government to admit facts and to disclose documents without having to go through 'freedom of information' delays

most class actions are started by a writ/statement of claim and seek money damages, but this procedure leaves governments free to abuse others

a judicial review application must be by petition, it gives the court jurisdiction to set aside government decisions, prohibit government decisions or force governments to make decisions and release people from abusive government 'laws'

i combined the two procedures in one petition, something the b.c. supreme court had not seen before, and something the court and the government lawyers could not defend against

i am happy to elaborate on any details so any group of people in the province can use the courts to force the elected ones, the elite, to be accountable for their promises and to force government bureaucrats to be responsible for their actions. the pleadings do not allow the abusers to hide behind 'laws' or beliefs they can do what is unethical but excuse the conduct as still 'legal'

thanks rob, for sharing this information

karl-heintz eisbrenner

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