Thank you for your email.  I am preparing a settlement proposal for your consideration which will enable you to keep your house, but you will have to make payments.  You will get the proposal once we get the entered Order from Court Registry which will hopefully arrive some time next week.  I have no difficulty talking to Susan Volkmann but we should do that after you receive and have a chance to consider our proposal.  Have her contact my assistant Adrienne in due course for an appointment.


From: David Thomson []
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 2:39 PM
To: Roy Sommerey
Cc: Susan Volkmann - Interior Health
Subject: Re: the sale of my home


Mr. Sommerey:


Mrs. Susan Volkmann, MSW from Kelowna Mental Health has been providing support and assistance to me in regard to a number of issues.  She has suggested that she would like an audience with you and your clients pertaining to the matters involving the petition to sell my home.  I would respectfully request that you approach your clients with a request to meet with Mrs. Volkmann who would function as my advocate. 


Ms. Volkmann can be reached at 868-7878 or in writing at 2nd, Floor, 1340 Ellis Street, Kelowna, V1Y 9N1


Thank you for considering my request; I hope to hear from you.


Yours very truly,


David Thomson

725 Franklyn Road

Kelowna, British Columbia  V1X-3T9

(250) 765-6826