As you probably know (if you’ve spoken with Dave K:L recently), I was either preparing to attend or attending the Court of appeal last week.  When I got back, I was busy with some work tasks that did not allow me to get to my emails as promptly as I could have.   


I took a few minutes to look at the changes you made to your web page.  There are some good deletions.  Thanks for those.  I just have three  more removal or amendment requests.  The first is that you delete the Grant Hardwick and Marvin Geekie sound bites.  The second is that you remove the word “fraudulent” from the title of Master Bishop’s original decision on the taxation of the account; and lastly, that you delete any name references in  your own personal commentaries  throughout (for example, delete references to Mr. Hardwick or Mr. Geekie, or Salloum Doak, Doak Shirreff (which I don’t think is on there, but maybe I missed it), etc.).


Although you haven’t put your new amendments on the site yet (as far as I could spot), you can’t add anything new or put back anything old which relates to our firm or any past or present member of our firm.  So long as this is agreed to and done (where applicable), you can proceed with your refinance and we will maintain our commitment to discharge our judgment for $5,000.00.  We confirm that we have also confirmed with the Law Society which is the beneficial owner of the Marc Whittemore Judgment that they will do the same. 


Please have Jim contact us to let us know when we can expect this refinance to be completed.  These monetary concessions have to have a time limit, because of legal limitations on the life span of the judgment, so the acceptance of the lesser amounts requires all to be completed within 3 weeks from today.  That should be lots of time for a lawyer to do up the paper work and to get everything signed.  The lawyer dealing with the refinance should contact my as soon as possible.


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