I wish to confirm in writing that I have spoken to the Law Society who have conduct of the Whittemore Judgment also registered against your home as well.   They have indicated they will accept $5,000.00 in full payment of the approximately $19,000.00 you owe them.  Provided you remove the sections we are asking you to remove from your web site,  we will accept $5,000.00 for the approximately $18, 500 you owe us.  That means based on the information we have received, you should be able to refinance your debt, including these judgments and avoid the sale of your house.


 If you accept our proposal, please remove the web site material we are asking you to remove as soon as you can, as we will not provide a registerable discharge of  our judgment  and release of our certificate of pending litigation which your lawyer will need to finish the refinance until we see that done.   Please have your lawyer on the refinance contact us in due course.


We are willing to take the financial cut as you are asking.  We don’t expect you to change your opinion.  We’re just asking you to stop broadcasting your opinions about our firm on your web site and to stop your email campaign.   You have already pointed out that we could likely obtain an injunction to accomplish this objective.  We haven’t done so because we are still willing to try to work with you on solving this situation.  We will wait to see the portions of the web site and the cessation of emails before your lawyer will receive a signed discharge of our judgment. 


We will wait until November 20, 2005  to receive word from you that  you will accept this proposal.   Thereafter, we will presume you have decided to reject our financial concession. 





From: David Thomson [mailto:idslayer@telus.net]
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 1:33 PM
To: Roy Sommerey
Cc: TheFirm
Subject: Our conversation today




In the end, you may see me homeless; your power and your willingness to do just that, I don't doubt.


In the end, judging by all that I've experienced, witnessed and documented at my website, www.ourcourtssuck.com, you may very well get an injunction to silence me and my efforts to warn others of those predatory elements who masquerade as administrators and officers of our courts. That still remains to be seen.


In the end, though perhaps destitute and homeless, I will still maintain some modicum of dignity, for whatever that might be worth; I doubt that you will be able to boast the same.


The way I see it, Roy, you and your client stand to lose way more that I could ever accumulate, even in two life-times.


They tell me, Roy, that repeating the same excercise, over and over again, expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity. This matter has already earned me that dubious designation; what's your excuse?


Freedom of Speech  -  Use it or Lose it!www.ourcourtssuck.com -  You be the Judge!


Yours very truly,


David Thomson