An invitation to be a bigger man

A recent title search revealed that two Kelowna lawyers had filed liens against my home.

J. Grant Hardwick of Doak Shirreff, formerly Salloum Doak when Mr. Hardwick was granted his fraudulent judgment, subsequently registering his lein upon my home.

The other lien was registered in the name of Marc R.B. Whittemore, the lawyer with the dubious distinction of instigating my entire social justice campaign, from the birth of this web-site, to the campaign of civil dis-obedience that I've embarked on.

None-the-less, I wrote them each a letter, last Christmas, extending them invitations to grow to become bigger men.

Merry Christmas, J. Grant Hardwick

Merry Christmas, Marc R.W. Whitemore

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson

c.c. et al

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