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Death to Taxes!!!

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Render unto Ceasar, that which is Ceasar's!

1. Yes, there's something seriously broken here and nowhere else in our lives would we ever put up with such shabby goods;
the public's disapproval would soon turn into a general boycott - Quit paying taxes - Observe the power of public opinion at work!

2. "The Principles so properly espoused and lethally enunciated at the Trials and Judgments at Nuremberg, communicated to all the world, the duty of all to refuse to support societies that participate in plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and a capacity to commit Mass Murder. Canada firmly and openly agreed with those Principles when seeking Membership in the United Nations."
- International Humanity House - www.taxrefusal.com -
Go here to get your GST - PST Exempt Card.
(Tell 'em the "ourcourtssuck guy" sent ya' ;-)

3. There are any number of good reasons why you shouldn't pay income tax, beyond the two good reasons, just mentioned. Another is that you earn wages - "Income" is what's left over from gross sales, after subtracting all the costs associated with deriving those gross sales.
Even if, somehow, the definition of the word, "wages" and the word, "income" are so synonymous as to be considered equally under the Income Tax Act, then all costs associated with that satisfactory and recurring "sale" of your time, including care and maintenance, from the cost of tooth-paste to the roof over your head must apply, including all the "packaging" that goes with it -
After all, you need to stay competitive with all the other "merchants" (and it's getting more competitive, daily in our ever-changing/down-sizing job market!)

There are plenty of good reasons but in order for anyone to quit paying taxes, you need to get your boss to quit submitting them for you. Talk it over; perhaps work out a sub-contract agreement. Consider launching a "sole proprietorship". Once this is secured, simply write "N/A" on your tax forms - They're not applicable to you.

Also, consider a joint bank account. The money becomes jointly owned and a third party cannot lawfully injured one to collect a debt from another.

In attending a voire dire in front of Judge Stansfield, I heard the sworn testimony of Stan Lichman, a twenty-year veteran with Revenue Canada and co-author of the standard TD1 form. Mr. Lichman explained that there was no formally compiled, up to date "Income Tax Act". The closest thing we have to it is a handbook, printed in Belgium, complete with a disclaimer on the inside, regarding errors, ommissions, changes since publication, etc.

Mr. Lichman also explained that the "Act" was volumous and fluid in nature. As a further explaination, he stated that 10 different accountants could prepare one man's taxes, 10 different ways, come up with 10 different results and that they all could be right. He said the "Act" didn't change yearly, quarterly or even monthly but could change at any time, unpredictably. The "Act" is so volumous that if any man took the stand and swore to be an expert on the entire act, he would, in the very least, be exaggerating, most likely, lying.

How are we to uphold a law that is so poorly defined that even "tax professionals" are unclear on? Like I said, "there are plenty of good reasons not to pay income tax".

However you go about it, do the research in order to make a plan but please do make a plan to quit paying for broken goods - Quit Paying Taxes! Recently, Douglas Christy, representing Phil Naudi, was successful in beating "failure to file", charges.

Another good reference point is Detax Canada.Org
And www.clearfreedom.ca (still under construction)
Or do your own "Google search", even but quit paying for broken goods -
Quit Paying Taxes!

Yours very truly,

David Thomson

"The Rule of Law"

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