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Letter to the Editor:

Re: Law Society President Speaks Out of Turn?

The Society of lawyers is a society of businessmen... Donovan Waters, UVic Professor of Law and Richard Margetts, former Society President, agree... the practice of law is 'selling the knowledge of law for money'. Lawyers provide 'goods and services' that attract G.S.T., only in B.C. The Society's 'Strategy Plan- 2001-2004' whines about threats to the Society's 'legal monopoly', threats from outsiders, from those like David Kevin: Lindsay... who don't carry 'licenses to steal' from the Society that is defending Judge Dohm.

Dohm is a man, flesh and blood. He is a tenant, he occupies and rents the seat on the B.C. Supreme Court Bench... he is not the landlord, it is not 'his courtroom'... He is a servant... on notice that if he doesn't follow the law, he gets booted out. Verbally, if necessary.

Dohm issues subpoenas/warrants knowing when they are executed, they are public. That's the law. The warrants are executed and he refuses to unseal them, that's breaking the law. He is not paid to do that.

The Associate Chief Judge of the B.C. Provincial Court, H. C. Stansfield, ordered two subpoenas for federal government officials, the same federal government that appointed Dohm... Stansfield ordered two federal government 'office' holders, i.e. tenants, to come to court and to testify about how and why the federal government has given up power to create money to private bankers... who 'own' the national debt.

Let's be clear. The public = landlords. Their taxes build the courthouses and pay the perky cavalier judges their handsome salaries etcetera most of us can only dream about as we down our drams of ale, living lives of quiet desperation. Dohm, without hearing the evidence, without hearing the argument, without anything at all, ordered the two Provincial Court subpoenas quashed... destroyed... eliminated.

So much for 'the courts of justice' allowing 'the course of justice' to flow. What business does Dohm have to quash subpoenas ordered by a B.C. Court judge familiar with the case... when Dohm sits high on his perch, stapled to it like Polly Parrot, yapping his trap about how it is going to be 'in his courtroom'. What arrogance. What spite. What hypocrisy.

Good for The Vancouver Sun to call a spade a spade. There is lots of b.s. out there and we need more 'spade work'.

Dohm should worry more about where he is going to 'rent an office' or 'a seat' when the B.C. Supreme Court building is turned into housing for the homeless. Dohm is a federal agent. The Society of lawyers in B.C. is too. Any 'member' of that Synagogue of Satan [in the words of the writer of the Book of Revelation], automatically becomes an 'officer of the B.C. Supreme Court'. Associate Chief Justice Dohm functions like the CEO in council.

So, with all due respect to the Society, it has no business defending lawbreaking by jawbreaking the press. The Society has no monopoly on selling or buying knowledge of law, it has no business dictating who can say what about judges in B.C... It is a Society of business, a commercial enterprise, a legal monopoly, a trade and commerce provider of goods and services... no special status.


Karl-Heintz Eisbrenner

P.S. Don't take my word for it, read the Society code of professional conduct, that says the profession of law is a branch of the administration of justice, it is not a... money making business... Yeah Right. Right. You're 'bloody' well right. Why is it Society members drag the people vulnerable and broken families to B.C. Supreme Court for 'divorce' and 'property' and 'custody' and 'maintenance'... when the Provincial Court can do all of these... and more... often for free...? Are the Society officers obeying 'official' orders? Sounds like just more 'offal' to me. Proof? Read my article in The Advocate, July 1998, Vol. 56, No. 4... and ask your 'licensed' B.C. member of the Society to tell you it ain't so... What you'll be told is that the Provincial Court is not able to do what a Supreme Court of B.C. 'boutique' can do... because there is a 'law' that says so... I say, any 'law' that says a judge cannot be a judge and do what the Law and Equity Act of B.C. says must be done... is getting paid way too much... for lying.

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