Scam of the Century

The Real Truth about the Monetary System

Many myths have been promulgated in relation to taxation. Some of the most damaging lead us to believe that our taxes go to pay for "roads, bridges, hospitals, doctors, nurses, teachers, police, create parks, clean water and a thousand other things." The claim is " we must all pay our fair share" to obtain such benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth! In the Auditor General's 1993 report, he stated, "of the 577 billion dollar federal debt, only 37 billion was directly due to program spending. The remaining balance of the debt, 540 billion was directly due to compound interest." With the Federal government collecting over 72 billion in direct, unlawful, taxation and over 42 billion (the single largest expense of our federal government) going directly to interest payments on this debt to the private banks and other lenders, it is a major concern for all Canadians to find out how this has come to be. This public debt has been growing exponentially over the last 30 years and the system is now out of control!

When the Federal Government needs money for public spending over and above that received through taxation, they simply borrow it like anyone else, from the banks. The Federal Government instructs the Treasury to print bonds and T-Bills in the amount required and deliver them to the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada, under Federal Government instructions, "sells" these interest-bearing documents to the private chartered banks. The banks then initiate a liability in the account of the Federal Government for the amount of the securities issued. But this money has to come from somewhere for the private banks to purchase these bonds or treasury bills. So where do they get it from? The answer is, THE BANKS CREATE THIS MONEY OUT OF NOTHING!….. OUT OF THIN AIR! This fact was admitted to by Graham Towers, the first Governor of the Bank of Canada in 1939. (At this point, we must ask ourselves, if the government can print bonds and T-Bills, why doesn't the Government simply print the money they need and spend it into circulation interest and debt free?

In order to pay back this borrowed money, the Federal Government must tax us all. Most importantly, the interest on this "funny money" is never created! Consequently, it is mathematically impossible to ever pay off the Federal, Provincial, Municipal or private debt in Canada which now totals well over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS! This is the truth and you can judge for yourself by visiting the Bank of Canada website at:
We are being lied to, robbed and cheated! Canadians should all know that most of their taxes go to paying compound interest on a non-repayable debt.

A private cartel of big banks has hijacked our money supply with the permission of our political leadership. This is outrageous! They are holding our country to ransom to support this legalized counterfeit money system! Over 90% of the new money created in Canada is created out of thin air by the private banks as interest bearing debt to them, owed by us, the taxpayers. Compound interest to these bankers is not only responsible for over 90% of our country's public and private debt; it is also solely responsible for inflation, the most insidious tax of all! The private banks created this money out of nothing and then they cripple the productive part of our economy with their crushing compound interest charges.

This system of money creation is an unlawful breach of Sections 91.14; 91.15; 91.16; 91.19 and 91.20 of the British North America Act of 1867, our Constitution. The Federal Government has the exclusive authority under the Constitution to create the nation's money supply interest and debt free and it cannot give away nor delegate that authority to anyone, including the private banks. "Why would the government give this exclusive authority away to a private banking monopoly and then borrow from them, at interest, that which Parliament can create, interest and debt free, for itself and the country's needs? Answer: A small group of powerful private banks and bankers have manipulated our political leadership to suit their desires of gaining control and ownership of our country's assets at the expense of the hard working people of this nation. We are fast becoming economic slaves within our own borders to these financial elitists. This is not the legacy to leave to our children!

This is the biggest pyramid scam in the history of our country, indeed the world! Our government is pledged to under funding all our social programs, taxing us into bankruptcy and then foreclosing on our country to finance these debts owed to the private banks. These bankers have created a stream of unearned wealth that is so wide, the mind cannot even think across it. One has the impression that these individuals are getting richer and richer. And they are!

But, this is not just simply about money and wealth, it is also about power. They use their ill gotten wealth to buy favours with politicians and political parties, trade unions, to buy and control communications such as newspapers, radio, TV, telephone and satellite, to gain control of transportation over land, sea and air and a myriad of other entities crucial to completing their domination. This is done on a top down, need to know basis. Any organization that exercises influence in our communities is a target for control by these money masters. This is the new world of the very few super rich and the rest of the masses left in poverty and despair.

What can be done? Parliament created this abominable system and Parliament can abolish it!!

We need to spread the truth and wake up all Canadians to this fundamental problem. This is the primary reason why so many Canadians are living hand to mouth and the numbers are growing. This is not necessary in a country blessed with immense natural resources and talented, hard working people. We need to "light a fire" under the seats of our elected representatives to address this very serious problem before it is too late. And we must not waffle or collapse under the pressure which will be exerted by a small group of mislead, power hungry, greedy international banking elitists who will use tactics of misinformation, financial pressure and the words of "the experts" to legitimize their position. "He who holds the goose that lays the golden eggs will not give it up easily."

Our democracy has become a plutocracy! It does not need to be this way. Get involved, join the growing awakening, and educate yourself, your family, your friends, neighbors and community leaders. We have the power. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? We can drive the corruption from our lives and build a country of wealth and prosperity for all beyond our wildest dreams! Now is the time to stand and protect our lawful rights and freedoms.

Henry Ford once said: "If the people understood the banking system today, there would be a revolt in the streets tomorrow."

The political and economic rhetoric that we are being bombarded with on a regular basis is nothing more than propaganda and nonsense. It is used to keep us fearful, ignorant and submissive to their control.

Information is power! Get informed! Do not count on the mainstream media or anyone else to do it for you. You must take responsibility along side your fellow man to stand for what is right. We need your help! Apathy is the food of evil. Here are a few suggestions for you to inform and educate yourself:

Websites: -->

"The Truth in Money Book" T.R. Thoren & R.F. Warner
"Reclaiming Canada's Sovereignty" Jack L. Biddell
"Fraud, Deception, Manipulation" Robert Marquis
"Capitalism and Social Chaos" J.J. Rousso
"Funny Money" Paul Hellyer
"Creature from Jeykll Island" Edward Griffin
"All You Must Know About Economics" William H. Pope
"Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the People" J.A. Thauberger

Please contact your local MP and MLA to express your concerns!

Respectfully submitted by
Jack Peach Ph 250-769-1012 e-mail

Grant Baudais Ph 250-862-8586 e-mail
You be the Judge!


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