My Reply to Werner Schmidt July 15, 2002

Dear Mr. Schmidt;

I beg to differ with the position that you have stated in your letter of July 10, 2002. (enclosed)

This is the same position that you attempted to assert on me in your letter of November 28, 1997. Your jurisdiction still applies now as it did then, to uphold section 15 of our 1982 "Constitution" re: quality before and under the law. I am being treated just as unequally now as I was then.

Further, the Criminal Code of Canada is also of a federal jusrisdiction. As criminal acts have been committed against myself and to others who have also been treated, not just unequally, but contrary to the law, again, this is your jurisdiction. Please do your job.

Yours very truly,
David Thomson
c.c. Jean Cretien, Gordon Campbell, John Weisbeck, Sindi Hawkins, et al

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