Hello Mr. Thomson.
Ms. Cords has directed your email of September 30th to my attention.  We have also received a subsequent telephone message from Mr. Jim Stanton at OK Loans, inquiring about the amount owed. 
We assume that Mr. Stanton is inquiring on your behalf.  Could you please advise him of the amount owed or give us your consent to provide that information to him directly.  According to our calculations, the principal amount owed is $15,182.58, along with interest of $4,414.85, for a total of $19,597.43 to October 3, 2005. 
You inquired about a possible compromise of the debt.  Before we can consider such we need a formal proposal, from either yourself or Mr. Stanton, setting out the amount you propose to repay and the supporting reasons.
Please direct future correspondence to my attention rather than Ms. Cords. 
Thank you.
Jonathan Corbett
Claims Counsel
Lawyers Insurance Fund
Law Society of B.C.
604 605 5327
This e-mail is privileged and confidential, and any use of it by an unintended recipient is prohibited.  If you received this e-mail in error, please e-mail it back to me immediately and delete it from your system.  Thank you.