D.H. Thomson
725 Franklyn Road
Kelowna, British Columbia

September 19, 2001.

Dear Mr. Cretien;

I am writing this letter to you at the request of and on behalf of Eddy Haymour.

With the speculation over Middle Eastern responsibility for last Tuesday's ugly display, it seems that various news agencies have expressed an interest in Mr. Haymour's views. (from his perspective, previously having been accused of committing an act of terrorism.) In fact Eddy had been, himself and his family, terrorized by various ministries and administrators of the British Columbia government - for more than 10 years, already!

What Eddy did, while unthinkable to any ordinary person, was driven out of more than 10 years of systematic, illegal, bureaucratic, harassment and torturous, illegal confinement, with such relentless zeal, so as to be considered terrifying, throughout the entire period.

His family home, designed and built by Mr. Haymour, had an elevator in it and was considered to be worth $ 300,000.00 or more. While Mr. Haymour was illegally incarcerated the home mysteriously burned to the ground. The insurance had lapsed while Eddy was in jail (the year-long interim stint that he served, en route to a 15 day psych.. evaluation, ordered by a local judge, because Eddy did not mail any letter bombs??) His mail was never forwarded to him by any authority.

His family left him. His children hated him. Because they had been terrorized, also.

Eddy's honour became more important to him than his life. Really, it was all he had left, having had his belief system systematically shattered. He refused to shrivel from this tyranic, terrorist regime and in the final act, was ready to lay down his life for principles, integrity, honour. He merely wanted to be heard.

Whether he was ready to take a life, we'll never know because Our federal government lived up to it's more prudent decision to allow Mr. Haymour that opportunity to make this great country just, again; the entire significance in being Canadian in Eddy's opinion.

Supreme Court Justice Gordon MacKinnon wrote:
"Senior government officials, including ministers of the Crown and with the knowledge of then-Premier W.A.C. Bennett...no less than 6 departments...were involved in the conspiracy...The B.C. government's actions have been highly improper and even cruel."

He sees another golden opportunity to be seized by Canada in this current time of crisis. Mr. Haymour has asked me to write to you, with the intent to ask you to convey our support to our neighbours to the south in finding those who are truly responsible for this inhuman act, and by all means, punish them according to the law.

He says that further acts of terrorism committed on our part, or any other parties, for that matter, only feeds the machine that turns men into terrorists. Instead, our neighbours could observe the example that Canada decided by granting Mr. Haymour to be heard, considered without bias and decided upon.

What is truly amazing is that in spite of a Supreme Court Decision, citing no less than 6 provincial ministries and their administrators guilty of conspiratal, illegal activity, not a charge was laid! Our provincial prosecutors must have all been sleeping. And our Attorney General! Oh, that's right, the A.G.'s office was one of the 6 administrations, cited by Justice MacKinnon.

But I digress.

The point is, even a terrorist has a right to have their side of the story heard. To be allowed to explain to the world what it took to provoke such a violent act against, ultimately, all humanity. And lets be sure to have all the facts when we level our accusations and not go shooting our bombers off, half cocked. The time is now to stop manufacturing terrorists!

Let me hear back from you by letter.

Yours very truly,

David Thomson
c.c. et al

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