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Hello all,
Public-Private Partnerships are agreements that blend public money with private money, removing the public money from the public ledgers. Due to "3rd party (ie: the private partner) confidentiality",  the money becomes exempt from public scrutiny, no longer accountable. As such P-3s are also an excellent vehicle for laundering the proceeds of other criminal activity.
The following is an example of a public-private partnership, exposing to a much greater degree, the insidious, criminal nature of such agreements. Here, we have an example, literally sacrificing the health and well-being of children, in total defiance of the basic tenets of good governance - "for the safety and well-being of children and families".
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David Thomson
 Email circulated earlier:

Childhood cancer has escalated by 25% in 25 years in Canada. There is a

photograph taken of

8 teen-age friends from the hamlet of Furdale south of Saskatoon. They were

at a School Fun Night.  Three of these children were later diagnosed with

cancer. Two are now deceased. A 4th

friend (not in the picture) was diagnosed with cancer in summer 2004.


Health Canada WAS doing research. One of their main objectives was to

collect information on geographic region & cancer site of the patients. The

data from at least one of the Furdale children was targeted for inclusion

in the study. Guess what? the funding for the research was cut. There is

obviously no

"potential for commercialization".


The Government of Saskatchewan, through a vehicle called "the Health

Research Foundation, will use my money to fund research that has the

"potential for commercialization", research that will benefit the

pharmaceutical companies who won't then have to pay to develop their

bio-tech drugs. You want me to pay for it ... while the Governments stop

funding the research that will lead to a reversal in the numbers of children

that get cancer. (Canadian Childhood Cancer Surveillance and Control Program

(Health Canada) - because it addresses the CAUSES of the cancer, but has no

commercial value? ...


ANYTHING that has to do with


the rate of childhood cancer in Canada has escalated by 25% in 25 years;

the trend will continue and escalate DUE TO A POLICY DECISION OF GOVERNMENT




Aaach! There is a stream of expletives I would like to use. This is

criminal behaviour.


(Documentation of the fate of the Canadian Childhood Cancer Surveillance and

Control Program (Health Canada) was circulated earlier. Please ask me if

you would like any back emails.)


The research agenda for health is very much about funding biotech

(Pharmaceutical) - just like the changes that gutted the research at Ag

Canada research stations was about handing the seed sector over to

Transgenic/chemical transnational corporations (P3's - we can afford to hand

Over billions to these transnational corporations, but we cannot afford to

Fund the public research function). Have to have "matched funding" - so

Itís taxpayers that foot a large part of the bill for the development; the

regulatory function disappears. This is very serious stuff.



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Sandra Finley


Saskatoon, SK