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In the 2005 Federal Election
Meet the Canadian Action Party candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country

November 30, 2005.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Before I even begin, let me say, first, that it is not easy to speak out.

So saying, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is David Thomson and I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was raised in Lakeview Heights, where my folks, Robert and Madeline Thomson settled on V.L.A. property to raise their family, after my father retired from active military service in 1955.

Being raised in the Okanagan where I have lived, primarily, all of my life, I am acutely aware of our local issues. However, my real education did not commence until, when after 7 years in business, I decided to sell my trash collection business, Westside Refuse Collection.

It was after this transaction and subsequent litigation that my "schooling" kicked in, resulting in my first publication, I learned that in Canada we don’t assassinate our political opponents we assassinate their character.

I've also learned that our party system is fundamentally flawed. The possibility for a conflict of interest to arise is evident, every time an MP or M.L.A. “crosses the floor”. How can I, as your elected representative, effectively represent your interests if I must adhere to party policy, that which I am not committed to, or which changes on the whims of outside influence?

I am first, representative of my good conscience, second to my constituents and lastly, to “party policy”.

After competing in the 2001 provincial election under the banner of the B.C. Action Party, it had been my fervent intention to campaign in the 2005, British Columbia, provincial election as an independent. Unfortunately, I would need a CGA to audit my campaign contributions and I could think of nobody who would risk their professional position by supporting someone in my position...

Then I saw an ad in the Capital News - the B.C. Marijuana Party was looking for a candidate for Kelowna - Lake Country. After careful consideration, I decided to risk my credibility for this opportunity to once again, speak out publicly about what it is that is undermining citizens of this province and this country, subverting our collective, economic well-being, along with every other aspect of our social security.

Now, Canada is caught up in a most unwelcome, surprise winter election. And it was an even bigger surprise for me when Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party invited me to represent her party, their candidate in this election, for Kelowna - Lake Country.

Not since I first campaigned in the 2001 Provincial election have I been so actively involved with such like-minded people. The written policies that the Canadian Action Party addresses, includes fundamental reforms that encompass all that I know to be true and even more.

The Canadian Action Party respects its membership and allows me a free vote on matters of moral conscience. We are free to participate in a fully democratic party, free to do what we are elected to do and that is to represent you.

Finally, the Canadian Action Party is not influenced by corporate or union dollars; we are funded by people like you and so their loyalties and mine will not be compromised.

From health-care to education, our debt-ridden position is eroding our ability to look after ourselves, while private corporate interests swallow our public assets behind closed doors. No transparency, no consultation and no consideration for the well-being of Canadian families, our public trustees have been wholesaling everything from our railroads, highways and public utilities, to our employment base.

What this amounts to, minimally, is a succession of acts in breach of public trust. Where our assets are sold off to foreign private interests, such acts satisfy all of the elements necessary for a charge of treason.

By far the greatest criminal act in the history of Canadian politics was the usurpation of the powers of the Bank of Canada. Where our Bank of Canada had the sole power to create all of the nation’s money for the cost of the paper, the ink and the labour, we now borrow it into creation through private banks that charge us arbitrary interest rates. It is these interest rates that have caused our debt, federally, provincially and municipally, to soar out of control, compounding the principal beyond our control to ever repay it.

We Must:

a) Press to invoke the powers of the Bank of Canada to issue an interest-free loan for which it was created and is still legislated to do, to pay off the entire debt of Canada, putting an end to the interest that escalates our debt, faster than we could ever begin to repay it.

b) Take whatever steps necessary to hold accountable, all politicians, bureaucrats and other political appointees, criminally and civilly liable for their varied and numerous acts that have harmed Canadians and breached their public trust.

c) Expropriate back those public assets that have been sold off without consideration for the benefit of Canadian families.
If W.A.C. Bennett was able to that with B.C. Electric, a privately owned company, so should we!

d) Push to abrogate from NAFTA, a trade pact that is anything but fair to Canadians.

e) Search out other foreign markets, more appreciative of our softwood lumber products, such as Britain who would jump at the opportunity.

f) Place a prohibition on the export of all raw logs.

g) Put in place, incentives for millworks and other industry to set up and operate, employing local labour to create finished products that reflect the real value of our raw resources.

h) Make the focus of health care, the care of our good health, rather than the diagnosis of and treatment of disease, such as it exists today, with its focus on drugs. (55% of health care costs being pharmaceuticals)

There is only one issue in any political campaign - Integrity!

I urge Canadians to examine your candidates carefully, listen intently for the truth to ring out, ignore the hype and vote conscientiously.

It is high time Canadians sent a message to Ottawa that they cannot ignore - send your most outspoken critic to Parliament Hill - Vote CAP!
We don't need to form the next reigning government, we need only be their conscience.

A vote for David Thomson is a vote to arrest political, bureaucratic and judicial corruption!

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