Canadian Federal Election Campaign 2005/2006

Campaign Signs for David Thomson
Canadian Action Party Candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country

January 8th, 2006.

Happy New Year, one and all. May this new year be just the beginning of all the best that we can achieve, united in the name of Humanity.

At this juncture in the road,
This Sign went Missing in Action. Has anyone seen this sign?

Canadians must make some important decisions. We can either lead the world as a progressive nation, or we can fall into lock-step, marching into the dawn of this new millenium, "model corporate citizens".

Janine, from UBC's Kelowna North Campus telephoned me the morning after I installed these signs, above, attached, inobtrusively to the top of the signs on each side of the road, one on the way up to the campus, the other on the way down. Janine explained to me that the campus security had torn the signs down.

I tried to explain the spirit and intention of Section 81 of the Canada Evidence Act but she explained that she was not in a position to make any rulings herself, referring me to their security department who called me back, later that morning.

Wade Bottorff called me back and told me that the signs were installed on "private property" and that further, the signs violate UBC's non-partisan policy. I tried to explain the spirit of Section 81 to Wade, also but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Wade did save the signs for me, though it appears as though somebody drove over them, perhaps. The corrugated plastic was crushed where the paint was missing. I tried to paint them over but it turned out a bit messy where they were crushed.

My biggest dissapointment is that those signs were torn down before my intrepid photographer was able to capture images of those particular signs.

Another sign (sorry, no picture), stapled to the "Moving British Columbia Forward" sign, right under the lights, turning off Hwy 33 onto 97, took a hit but recovered from the mud and returned to service. Last to be seen on KLO Road, across from the O.K. College, South Campus facility, since, Missing in Action, shortly there-after.

The sign that I stapled to the "Big White" sign, seen in the background, also went Missing in Action. Again, sorry - no picture

The city of Kelowna has been taking my signs.

This sign has been taken hostage by the City of Kelowna. They have approximately 10 of my signs. They say that my signs pose a safety hazzard..

To the best of my knowledge, I have only 3 signs left up, down from about 20.

I've grown accustomed to my being the target of ignorance and abuse but it's still disappointing to see our fundamental values, continually being eroded and trampled on by those combined and singular efforts of "model corporate citizens", a product that UBC recently admitted, they were proudly producing.

Still, I have not lost faith in humanity.

All of my signs are lovingly, hand-painted and so you can be sure that I will be collecting them all, just as soon as the results are tallied.

Yikes - that one sure needs a wash! While you're at it, wash the truck, eh.

I've repeatedly heard it said, now, "Cap's policies are 'Anti-American.'"
I beg to differ; CAP's policies are simply pro-Canadian.

From the CBC to CanWest Global, we hear Conservative this, Liberal that, the NDP, the Greens and the Bloc. No mention of CAP.
As it happens, CAP's concerns are voiced by myriads of others who, none-the less, fail to mention CAP.

I get the distinct impression as my message is stifled, that Democracy is on life support and that self-serving interests keep reaching for the plug.. It brings to mind, that so-famous admission that Oliver North so candidly offered;
"It's not so much what we tell you that's a lie, it's what we neglect to tell you."

please make a responsible choice - make an informed choice - CAP.

We Must:

a) Press to invoke the powers of the Federal Reserve Bank of Canada to issue an interest-free loan for which it was created and is still legislated to do, to pay off the entire debt of Canada, putting an end to the interest that escalates our debt, faster than we could ever begin to repay it.

b) Take whatever steps necessary to hold accountable, all politicians, bureaucrats and other political appointees, criminally and civilly liable for their varied and numerous acts that have harmed Canadians and breached their public trust.

c) Expropriate back those public assets that have been sold off without consideration for the benefit of Canadian families.
If W.A.C. Bennett was able to that with B.C. Electric, a privately owned company, so should we!

d) Push to abrogate from NAFTA, a trade pact that is anything but fair to Canadians.

e) Search out other foreign markets, more appreciative of our softwood lumber products, such as Britain who would jump at the opportunity.

f) Place a prohibition on the export of all raw logs.

g) Put in place, incentives for millworks and other industry to set up and operate, employing local labour to create finished products that reflect the real value of our raw resources.

h) Make the focus of health care, the care of our good health, rather than the diagnosis of and treatment of disease, such as it exists today, with its focus on drugs. (55% of health care costs being pharmaceuticals)

There is only one issue in any political campaign - Integrity!

I urge Canadians to examine your candidates carefully, listen intently for the truth to ring out, ignore the hype and vote conscientiously.

It is high time Canadians sent a message to Ottawa that they cannot ignore - send your most outspoken critic to Parliament Hill - Vote CAP!

A vote for David Thomson is a vote to arrest political, bureaucratic and judicial corruption!

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