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British Columbia Vigilantes - Email Exchanges with "the Press"

If the media only prints/broadcasts what the government wants - that is very dangerous: fascist in fact. No INDEPENDENCE - no FREEDOM OF THE PRESS

Hold that thought while you peruse some correspondence that's been exchanged with "the press".
Let us start with a few words from someone??? at Rock 104 - 104.7 FM, on the radio dial. Someone, whom by the absence of their name, wishes to remain annonymous...

----- Original Message -----
From: InsiderCrew
To: karl-heintz eisbrenner ; Armstrong, Fred (LMP) ; Cowan, Cale (LMP) ; ITV_Newsroom ; city@thejournal.canwest.com ; Comments At CHBC.COM ; edit@kelownacapnews.com; MRT EDIT; NSN EDIT; ABBY EDIT; BBY EDIT; CHWK EDIT; LANG EDIT; COQ EDIT; edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca; fiction@newyorker.com; globalbc.newstips@globaltv.ca; Regina Global News; InsiderCrew; Goodman, John (LMP); john.harding@ok.bc.ca; jon.manchester@ok.bc.ca; Letters; letters (Edm Journal); letters@timescolonist.com; localnews@timescolonist.com; Ballard, Peter (LMP); Menzies, Peter (CAL Herald); poetry@newyorker.com; PopularDailyNews@largestdistribution.com; Moody, Bob (LMP); Cocomile, Sharon (LMP); shouts@newyorker.com; Malkowich, Steven (LMP); Submit; Sunletters, (VAN_Exchange); sunnewstips (VAN_Exchange); tabtips (VAN_Exchange); talkofthetown@newyorker.com; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; Peters, Terry (LMP)
Cc: illusions_@telus.net; endless_enterprises@telus.net; msymith@direct.ca ; cartenjohn@hotmail.com; idslayer@telus.net; rwnicholson@canada.com; sylvarno@telus.net
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 1:53 PM
Subject: RE: focus: pearls before swine

Ok, I'm done being nice. Fuck you and your jibberish. I swear to god I can get a more coherent message from a cockroach on drugs. There will be legal action taken against you if you persist with your emails.
And if anyone else on this the list that doesn't want to be, please take legal action, too. And if you're on the list because you actually like 'Karl', then you're just as fucked up in the head as he is...and, I mean this in the nicest way possible, I hope you all die soon.

Not a very nice reply, at all. It appears as though Mr. Eisbrenner has struck a nerve...

From: karl-heintz eisbrenner [mailto:eisbrennerlaw@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 5:42 PM
To: InsiderCrew; Armstrong, Fred (LMP); Cowan, Cale (LMP); ITV_Newsroom; city@thejournal.canwest.com; Comments At CHBC.COM; edit@kelownacapnews.com; MRT EDIT; NSN EDIT; ABBY EDIT; BBY EDIT; CHWK EDIT; LANG EDIT; COQ EDIT; edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca; fiction@newyorker.com; globalbc.newstips@globaltv.ca; Regina Global News; Goodman, John (LMP); john.harding@ok.bc.ca; jon.manchester@ok.bc.ca; Letters; letters (Edm Journal); letters@timescolonist.com; localnews@timescolonist.com; Ballard, Peter (LMP); Menzies, Peter (CAL Herald); poetry@newyorker.com; PopularDailyNews@largestdistribution.com; Moody, Bob (LMP); Cocomile, Sharon (LMP); shouts@newyorker.com; Malkowich, Steven (LMP); Submit; Sunletters, (VAN_Exchange); sunnewstips (VAN_Exchange); tabtips (VAN_Exchange); talkofthetown@newyorker.com; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; Peters, Terry (LMP)
Cc: illusions_@telus.net; endless_enterprises@telus.net; msymith@direct.ca; cartenjohn@hotmail.com; idslayer@telus.net; rwnicholson@canada.com; sylvarno@telus.net
Subject: RE: focus: pearls before swine

rock 104 = jimmy pattison billboard = coquihalla privatization bidder = slinked away when the shit hit the fan = the public is conned into keeping the highway, toll bridge and all when all the time the issue should have been reported the highway toll booth has extracted payment in full for van der zalm's 'ribbon over the mountain' years ago...
so why doesn't everyone just drive through without paying because it has already been paid for...?  why does everyone still stop and pay the 'toll'?
is it because reporters like you let 'diversion' take control?
what do chop shops and cocaine deals have in common?
ask the owner of rock 104, he's been around... he should know...

Mr. Eisbrenner was replying to the following email, below - an after-thought to the reply he'd just sent, minutes earlier. You know, how you'll fire off an email, then get that sinking feeling... not much different than realizing that you've just locked yourself out of the car - "Damn!", eh.

InsiderCrew <insidercrew@rock104.com> wrote:
I second that notion from Fred, please remove the email addres 'insidercrew@rock104.com' from your list. Every email I get from you gets reported to everyone and anyone who will listen as spam, plus I have done my best to report you to the authorities in your area as a threat to national security. Thanks in advance.

National security, eh? Who is this nut? And speaking of "authorities", shouldn't this individual be the one cited for that ol' "hope you die soon" remark, earlier.
What follows next is what Mr. Eisbrenner prematurely responded with, hence the "p.s.", above.

From: karl-heintz eisbrenner [mailto:eisbrennerlaw@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 4:49 PM
To: Armstrong, Fred (LMP); Cowan, Cale (LMP); ITV_Newsroom; city@thejournal.canwest.com; Comments At CHBC.COM; edit@kelownacapnews.com; MRT EDIT; NSN EDIT; ABBY EDIT; BBY EDIT; CHWK EDIT; LANG EDIT; COQ EDIT; edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca; fiction@newyorker.com; globalbc.newstips@globaltv.ca; Regina Global News; InsiderCrew; Goodman, John (LMP); john.harding@ok.bc.ca; jon.manchester@ok.bc.ca; Letters; letters (Edm Journal); letters@timescolonist.com; localnews@timescolonist.com; Ballard, Peter (LMP); Menzies, Peter (CAL Herald); poetry@newyorker.com; PopularDailyNews@largestdistribution.com; Moody, Bob (LMP); Cocomile, Sharon (LMP); shouts@newyorker.com; Malkowich, Steven (LMP); Submit; Sunletters, (VAN_Exchange); sunnewstips (VAN_Exchange); tabtips (VAN_Exchange); talkofthetown@newyorker.com; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; Peters, Terry (LMP)
Cc: illusions_@telus.net; endless_enterprises@telus.net; msymith@direct.ca; cartenjohn@hotmail.com; idslayer@telus.net; rwnicholson@canada.com; sylvarno@telus.net
Subject: RE: focus: pearls before swine

it is not a theory -
but i will take you off my list
karl-heintz eisbrenner, B.A.Religion; B.A. (Hons.); M.A. (Oxon.); L.L.B.

Mr. Eisbrenner was also responding to the publisher of the Maple Ridge Times, Fred Armstrong's 'pithy' attempt to deflect the truth, up next.

"Armstrong, Fred (LMP)"publisher@mrtimes.com wrote:
Uhhhm Karl,

Did I, or anybody else on the list here actually ASK you to send every random thought that crosses your mind? If I could direct you to your kitchen, in one of the drawers by the sink, you'll find a generic box with tin foil in it. Take the tin foil out of the drawer and tear off a piece about three feet long. Fold it over on itself and then centre the 18 inch square piece of tin foil over your head and schmooche it down over your head so it follows the countours of your skull. Wear this for a few days and you'll find the little voices in your head quiet down because 'they' won't be able to broadcast directly into your brain.

Now, for the final time, remove me from your list. I get enough junk mail asking me to help African dictators wives get their money out of banks and from kind people who want to lengthen/harden my penis, make me younger, or get me cheap mortgage rates or increase the number of hits on my web site. I just don't have enough hours in the day to read your poetry/conspiracy theories.


Now, I'm the first to admit that Karl's cryptic prose can be fleeting in interpretation but isn't that what good poetry is supposed to do? Occasionally, Karl's message can be embedded quite close to the surface; ie: his "p.s.", above, eh.

> From: karl-heintz eisbrenner
> Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 11:31 AM
> To: ccowan@abbotsfordtimes.com; citvnewsroom@globaltv.ca; city@thejournal.canwest.com; comments@chbc.com; edit@kelownacapnews.com; editor@mrtimes.com; editor@nsnews.com; editorial@abbotsfordtimes.com; editorial@burnabynow.com; editorial@chilliwacktimes.com; editorial@langleyadvance.com; editorial@thenownews.com; edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca; fiction@newyorker.com; globalbc.newstips@globaltv.ca; globalnews.reg@globaltv.ca; insidercrew@rock104.com; jgoodman@nsnews.com; john.harding@ok.bc.ca; jon.manchester@ok.bc.ca; letters@theherald.canwest.com; letters@thejournal.canwest.com; letters@timescolonist.com; localnews@timescolonist.com; pballard@vancourier.com; pmenzies@theherald.canwest.com; poetry@newyorker.com; PopularDailyNews@largestdistribution.com; publisher@mrtimes.com; publisher@thenownews.com; scocomile@nsnews.com; shouts@newyorker.com; smalkowich@thenownewspaper.com; submit@theherald.canwest.com; sunletters@png.canwest.com; sunnewstips@png.canwest.com; tabtips@png.canwest.com; talkofthetown@newyorker.com; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; tpeters@nsnews.com
Cc: illusions_@telus.net; endless_enterprises@telus.net; msymith@direct.ca; cartenjohn@hotmail.com; idslayer@telus.net; rwnicholson@canada.com; sylvarno@telus.net
Subject: focus: pearls before swine

the gospel of thomas phrases it this way:
"don't cast your pearls before the swine lest they crush them between their jaws"
swine, like alligators and sharks, and spiders too
cannot chew... cannot grind their molars like horses do
like millstones sidewinding swine, alligators and crocodiles, sharks and spiders cannot chew
but spiders distinguish themselves from their colleagues by injecting serum - flesh dissolving goo and sucking their preys' proteins and minerals like a slurpy
the others smash their mouths together, crushing what is in between
like scorpions' black widow
like cobra and adder
prey is swallowed whole... except spiders leave the shell
so it is with words, some bite, some sting, some scalp, some suck
some swallow whole the new testament phrases it this way:
cast not your pearls before the swine lest they trample them underfoot
makes little sense - cloven hooves crushing pearls in sty mud and hay and straw
so... it is with creative writings, musings and otherwise jumping bean letters... von hotsken to stotsken
is not different than playing checkers...
sometimes... you just need to jump
so, the letter to the editor about the president of the law society is a first volley...
is it true that law society 'membership' means
automatic incorporation into the 'corporate' body called 'b.c. supreme court'?
answer: yes, legal profession act says so
is it true law society 'membership' means engaging in the administration of justice?
answer: yes, legal profession act code of professional conduct says so
is it true 'the administration of justice' in b.c. is controlled, managed and directed by the attorney general of b.c.?
answer: yes, b.c. attorney general act says so
is it true membership in the law society of b.c. means being an agent of the attorney general of b.c.?
answer: yes, b.c. attorney general act says so... it says
'public body' = created by statute = government agent = body that issues licenses for membership =
member in good standing licenses = can do what the a.g. can do...
is it true the law society of b.c. claims it is independent of the a.g. b.c.?
is it?
> karl-heintz eisbrenner, m.a. (oxon.), l.l.b.<

Remember that nut at Rock 104?
You know, the one that likes to write in blue.
Behold, computer babble that Turned up when I saved the following as an html file. Ain't technology a marvel?

FN:Matt Adams
TITLE:Creative Services Director
NOTE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Instant Messenger Screen Names:=0D=0AAIM: GatorMattAdams=0D=0AYahoo: MattAda=
ms_Rock104=0D=0AMSN: mattadams104@hotmail.com=0D=0A
TEL;WORK;VOICE:(352) 392-0771 extension 2118
TEL;CELL;VOICE:(352) 494-1326
TEL;WORK;FAX:(352) 392-0519
ADR;WORK:;;P.O. Box 14444;Gainesville;FL;32604;United States of America
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:P.O. Box 14444=0D=0AGainesville, FL 32604=0D=0AUnited States of America
ADR;POSTAL;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:;;3200 Weimer Hall=0D=0AUniversity of Florida;Gainesville;FL;32611;United St=
ates of America
LABEL;POSTAL;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:3200 Weimer Hall=0D=0AUniversity of Florida=0D=0AGainesville, FL 32611=0D=
=0AUnited States of America

I'm not exactly sure what or whom is responsible for the above posted information - it could be linked to the reply that I received from Fred Armstrong, the publisher of the Maple Ridge Times. The following is what Fred had to say in response to my knee-jerk response to all the above.

Dear David,
follow the instructions I gave to Karl. The people on this list work very hard to expose the 'truth' and report the news. When we print something we are subject to libel and slander laws. Innuendo, gossip and rumours do not meet the test of the Supreme Court of Canada. Your note demonstrates that you don't understand the difference between scarcasm and a legitimate threat. I, and everyone else on the e-mail list are tired of getting hundreds of e-mails filled with unsubstantiated crap... so, until you have facts - don't waste our time.

It's amazing what can be accomplished with the stroke of a button - I stroked the "Reply All" button when my knee jerked in Karl's defence.

---------- From: David Thomson
Reply To: InsiderCrew
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 2:22 PM
To: InsiderCrew; karl-heintz eisbrenner; Armstrong, Fred (LMP); Cowan, Cale (LMP); ITV_Newsroom; News Tips Edmonton Journal; Comments At CHBC.COM; edit@kelownacapnews.com; MRT EDIT; NSN EDIT; ABBY EDIT; BBY EDIT; CHWK EDIT; LANG EDIT; COQ EDIT; edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca; NewYorker Fiction; Global BC News Tips; Regina Global News; Goodman, John (LMP); john.harding@ok.bc.ca; Jon Manchester - Night Editor; Letters; letters (Edm Journal); letters@timescolonist.com; localnews@timescolonist.com; Ballard, Peter (LMP); Menzies, Peter (CAL Herald); NewYorker Poetry; Popular Daily News; Moody, Bob (LMP); Cocomile, Sharon (LMP); NewYorker Shouts&Murmers; Malkowich, Steven (LMP); Submit; Sunletters, (VAN_Exchange); sunnewstips (VAN_Exchange); tabtips (VAN_Exchange); NewYorker TalkoftheTown; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; Peters, Terry (LMP)
Cc: illusions_@telus.net; endless_enterprises@telus.net; msymith@direct.ca; John Carten; R. W. Nicholson; Jacqui

Subject: Re: focus: pearls before swine

Given your propensity for obscuring the truth and for perpetuating lies under the auspices of reporting "news", it is you who most resemble a threat to "national security". Unless, of course, you view exposing perverts, pedophiles and thieves and murderers, as "threatening national security".

What makes you think that you and yours would be "immune" from the evils that you protect through your complicity in suppressing the truth??? Grab a brain, eh - you could be next!

Yours very truly,

David Thomson

march for justice (8K) How many clues do you need, anyway!!!

The next letter, aimed at the "mystery writer" at Rock 104 (104.7 FM on the radio dial) is specifically responding to the "death wish". Naturally, I used the "Reply All" button.

Where did you get your degree - F. U.?
By all means bring on some legal action - this email exchange would be "Exhibit A".
Now - why don't you pull your head out of your ass just long enough to get some real perspective on the facts. Or do you actually like the smell of sheep-dip?!?
Exhibit "B" - www.ourcourtssuck.com
Exhibit "C" - www.rwnicholson.com
Exhibit "D" - www.transfixed.net
Exhibit "E" - The Ultimate Scam
Next up - Liberals laundering money - drug money - proceeds of slavery - porn? kiddie porn? snuff porn???? You don't think that Willie's responsible for all those dead women, do you? Let's not forget that 11 of those women were last seen, getting into police cruisers...
National security, my ass!
Do yourself a favour - educate yourself.
Yours very truly,
David Thomson

To which, Fred replies:

Man oh man... you are sensetive. The guy was making a scarcastic comment based on the notion that all of you folks (you've now firmly entered the 'Karl' zone) belive that we all have secret meetings to supress stories and we compare notes with the authorities. If you believe that we're all corrupt, why do you and Karl bother sending e-mails to all of us. Is it just to bug us, or is it just to feel important?

Yes, in fact I am sensitive to being the target of smeone's "death wish".
So I reply...

Good afternoon, Fred,

Sadly, Karl is just another victim, recoiling from the effects of corruption. Just one more rotting carcass on the the dung-heap of society.

His thoughts have become kaotic, representing the kaos within. It's not his fault that he's been victimized, as it is with so many victims. Isn't it better that he spout words than bullets or letter-bombs? - Or any of the other more violent reactions to the horrors of learning that you've lived a lie, all your life - finally realizing that the administration of this entire country is in the hands of some very wicked people.

It's like I said in a letter that I wrote, years ago, now - "Do you blame all the belly-up fish at the bottom of your swimming hole when it dries up? Or do you investigate upstream for the cause of the problem?" - we are just an ever-growing number of victims, calling out in the throes of our suffering. Don't blame us; look upstream for the cause. I'm sorry...

P.s. Karl's piece, The Synagogue of Satan" is quite elequently written, don't you think. Here, he points the way "upstream". You don't like the smell - look upstream. You think it stinks now - it's only going to smell worse as the corpses pile up! No amount of Reynolds Wrap is going to contain it.
jonlocke (14K) John Locke, tin-foil cap and all... Think he's "done" yet? Poke him with a fork, just to be sure...

Think I'm done? Poke me with a fork and I just might poke back... Learning to give, as good as it gets.

And then there's John Harding who's also been whining to get off my email list for a while, now. In response to my pitch for Karl's defence, Mr. Harding writes:

Mr. Thompson:
Whom, exactly, is the target of these juvenile missives and why am I receiving them? Please, I beg for the umpteenth time, get me off your email list so I can be spared from reading this drivel.
John Harding
Managing editor
Kelowna Daily Courier

Why Mr. Harding, so glad you asked...

Mr. Harding:

The name at the top of the list (in the "To:" field) would be the target of these "missives". As for why you're recieving them, ask the 1 who included you in the originating email - I simply used the "Reply All" feature. My guess would be "because you are a newspaper editor". In fact, you are the newspaper editor for the newspaper in my community.

Want to spare yourself from reading "drivel"? Quit subscribing to the Kelowna Daily Courier.

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson

P.s. Want to read some humour? Look for your name @ my site. BigGrins (1K)

I also heard back from Mark Milne, (CITV) mark.milne@globaltv.ca

From: Milne, Mark (CITV)
Date: February 2, 2004 12:12 PM
To: 'David Thomson'
Date: February 2, 2004 12:12 PM
RE: the facts

Please remove edmontonmorning@globaltv.ca from your mailing list. We no longer wish to receive these types of mailings from you from this or any other e-mail address. Any further e-mails from you will be considered harassment and will be dealt with accordingly.

Mark Milne
Global Morning Edition

Mark was responding to the following...

From: "David Thomson" idslayer@ourcourtssuck.com
To: "John Harding"
insidercrew@rock104.com,"Armstrong, Fred (LMP)" publisher@mrtimes.com, comments@chbc.com
Subject: the facts
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:44:29 -0800

Mr. Harding - Managing editor
Kelowna Daily Courier:
You and a couple of others, all in positions of public trust, specifically in the "news" business, have expressed dissatisfaction with being included on mine and others email lists. You, quite expressly, have take exception to the concerns of some of your readers/viewers/listeners. You refer to these accounts as "drivel".
I continue to include you (personally) on my list because you keep replying to me after I have done your bidding and taken you off my list - even though your position is entirely one of prejudice against myself (and others). By itself, that wouldn't be so bad. It's the inability of you and your associates to report completely and truthfully, the events that unfold around us on a daily basis. And that is the point of this further attempt on my part, to communicate with you.
It's a fact, John Bjornstrom has been apprehended on charges of breaching his conditions of release - 9 charges, originally. Since his apprehension, 8 of these charges have been dropped, one of them, a charge for exceeding the 100 ft. boundary that was established as a condition of his release. It is also a fact that when he exceeded his 100 ft. limit, John Bjornstrom was shovelling snow from the driveway of the elderly lady that lives in the trailer court, next door to John's sister.
Among the conditions of John's release, he was to attend to the care of his sister who is loosing her sight and also to care for his adoptive father, who also resides there. He was allowed to take trips into town for groceries and other sundries upon notification (to his probation officer, the day before). Having made the necessary notice of his intentions, he made a shopping trip that included picking up a bottle of rum for his sister. He's being held on a charge, somehow related to his trip into the liquer store.
It's also interesting to note that at John's sentencing hearing, the prosecutor, Mr. Koturbash volunteered the fact that John has no history of substance abuse of any kind - not even alcohol. His hearing is scheduled for February the 9th, to be held at the Kamloops Law Courts. I understand that Justice Metzger will be presiding via tele-conferencing.
Contrary to what viewers of CHBC TV heard, John Bjornstrom was not in the Shuswaps, looking for Bin Laden.
Contrary to the inventive line of questioning that Mr. Koturbash put to his professional witness, Mr. Samuri, John Bjornstrom's name does appear on a list, provided and identified as a "hit-list" by the Indonesian police.
Contrary to the inventive line of questioning that Mr. Koturbash put to his professional witness, Mr. Samuri, the bodies of two teen-age girls were dug up around Calgary, Alberta, establishing further, the credibility of John Bjornstrom's position.
In fact, the list with John's name on it is a substantial piece of evidence, all on its own. The list was excluded from the evidence at the hearing by orders from the Canadian Embassy. In fact, this knowledge would not be common, except for the courage of John's lawyer, Don Campbell, who made that fact known in a brief interview in front of a Global TV camara.
The newspapers have had a field-day, belittling John Bjornstrom, making him out to be under the influence of a grandiose imagination at the very least, a potential risk to the community, implied. How could any agency that professes to deliver the news to the public in a timely and accurate accounting, be so oblivious to such glaring and relevent facts, choosing instead to launch what appears to be a malicious attack, mired in an obvious agenda to malign the truth?
It's a fact that in May of 2001, the Kelowna Daily Courier ran answers to a questionaire that the staff designed and sent out to the local provincial candidates. When the piece ran, next to my name (I was a candidate), it said that I was not available for comment. It's a fact, affirmed by Don Plante, one of your associates, that your newspaper never sent me a copy of the questionaire. Although Don Plante agreed to email me a copy, he never did.
Tell me, Mr. Harding, when have I ever not been "available for comment"?
In fact, I was available for comment just about a year and a half ago, positioned in front of the Kelowna Daily Courier, on the sidewalk with my sign - www.ourcourtssuck.com. It is a fact, no one at the Courier was interested in any comment I had to offer that day, either. In fact, they phoned the RCMP to have me removed. Trespassing on a city sidewalk??! No, "who", "what", "when", "where" and "why" - just, "Leave or we'll phone the police." Now there's a fine example of  "investigative journalism", eh.
John; I'm a hundred and twenty-five pounds, soaking wet - what are you afraid of; the facts?
I've been accused of disseminating "innuendo, gossip and rumours" - "unsubstantiated crap", even! In light of this quite recent accusation, I've taken the time to underline the facts so that we can all be clear on these points. If I should ever spout "innuendo, gossip and rumours" - "unsubstantiated crap" of any kind, I'm liable, just like the rest of the population, "investigative reporters", included.
We're all "equal before and under the law." Now there's a fact that's open to debate, eh.
Yours very truly,
David Hunter Thomson

More from Fred...

From: Armstrong, Fred (LMP)
Date: January 30, 2004 3:07 AM
To: 'David Thomson '
Subject: RE: the facts

I'm not interested in any further exchange of views. I read through your web site and I have come to my conclusion on the issues you have put forward. There is nothing on your site that is relevant to my publication's frame of reference, so remove me from your list and do not bother contacting me again.

I also heard from Peter Menzies of the Calgary Herald, who requested to be removed from my list, responding to the "Bushman - Finale?" article that I wrote. I've posted my reply to his request, 1st, then his request, beneath which, you'll also find the offending "Bushman" article, also posted on my "Bushman of the Shuswap" page.

From: David Thomson idslayer@ourcourtssuck.com
Date: January 19, 2004 11:41 AM
To: Menzies, Peter (CAL Herald) PMenzies@theherald.canwest.com Subject: Re: Bushman - finale?

Mr. Menzies;
In the interests of your position with the Calgary Herald, I would have thought that you would have an interest in the facts as they relate to current events and unfolding news stories. At the very least, I would have thought that you would have an interest in the views of your readership. Your response does not sound very professional to me. Would you care to explain why it is that the above just isn't so?
I look forward to reading your reply.
Yours very truly,
David Thomson 
c.c. et al
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 6:19 AM
Subject: RE: Bushman - finale?

remove please

-----Original Message-----
From: David Thomson [mailto:idslayer@ourcourtssuck.com]
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 4:49 AM
To: Geoff Plant AG-BC; Gordon Campbell - Premier; John Weisbeck MLA; Joy MacPhail - MLA; P. Martin; P D Martin; Rich Colman Solicitor General; Rick Thorpe - MLA; Senator Ross Fitzpatrick; Sindi Hawkins MLA; Werner Schmidt MP
Cc: Alison Yesilcimen - Publisher; Barry Gerding - Managing Editor; Bob Moody - Publisher; Chris Campbell - Editor; Corry Anderson - Editor; comments@chbc.com; edit@kelownacapnews.com; Editor - North Shore News; Editor The Tyee; Editor: CALE COWAN - Editor; editor@delta-optimist.com; Editorial Calgary Herald; Editorial Edmonton Journal; editorial@abbotsfordtimes.com; editorial@burnabynow.com; editorial@chilliwacktimes.com; editorial@langleyadvance.com; Fred Armstrong- Publisher; Global BC News Tips; Global Edmonton Newsroom; insidercrew@rock104.com; John Harding - Editor; Jon Manchester - Night Editor; Ken Goudswaard - Editor; Layne Christensen - Associate Editor; letters@spectator.co.uk; Mick Maloney - Editor; News Tips Calgary Herald; News Tips Edmonton Journal; Newsroom Global Regina; NewYorker Shouts&Murmers; NewYorker TalkoftheTown; Nigel Lark - Publisher; Pat Cooper - Editor; Peter Ballard - Publisher; Peter Menzies - General Manager; Popular Daily News; Radical Press; Sharon Cocomile - Editorial Assistant; Terry Peters - Managing Editor; Sun News Tips; The Province News Tips; theagenda@cknw.com; themail@newyorker.com; Times-Colonist Editorial Letters; Times-Colonist News Tips; Vancouver Sun Editorial Letters
Subject: Bushman - finale?

Bushman - finale?
By: David Thomson
January 19, 2004
It's official, John Bjornstrom's a free man - sorta. He's confined to house arrest for the next twenty-three months, restricted to no more that a hundred feet from the property line of his sister's home in Williams Lake; and there he'll be residing with her for at least another twenty-three months. I understand he's going to pace the distance and stake it off - probably use paint, eh.
Next, I'd like to clear up a mistake I made. Though John left threatening notes in an attempt to extort seventy-five hundred dollars, His extortion attempt failed. So John moved back to Calgary, worked unloading quarters of beef, slept in hostels, living the life of a street-person. He was there, he maintains, gathering more information on missing children, accessing such resourses as the Missing Children Society of Canada.
It was the phrasing of the crown's questions that led me to believe that John was actually successful in the practice of extortion. More of that imaginative licence that the crown displayed so adeptly.
I learned of another mistake... John's lawyer, Don Campbell had lined up a professional investigator who submitted a report that not only supported The Bushman's affirmation's, bear evidence of among other things, the disappearance of two other private investigators, last know to be investigating, child porn, murder and even satanism, investigating leads that took them into the Shuswap. 
Mr. Campbell referred to Mr. Nicholson, describing him to Judge Metzger as being "much like Mr. Bjornstrom".
Mr. Nicholson is not (no offence John) like Mr. Bjornstrom! Number one; Mr. Nicholson is not facing sentencing for umpteen different charges of breaking and entering, extortion and uttering threats.
Mr. Nicholson is a former lisenced private investigator who volunarily surrendered his lisence so he could pursue child advocacy.  He has a Social Worker diploma and a basic counselling certificate. View his referrences from such people as Ted Gunderson - FBI Bureau Chief (ret)., at www.rwnicholson.com under "Our Services", 
Mr. Nicholson's research  has been further acknowledged by a retired U.S. Intelligence officer, Author, Morgan Chia, in the beginning of her twelveth and most recent publication, Retrieved. She commends Mr. Nicholson for his work, investigating,
as well as his documentation at his website, www.rwnicholson.com  His associations with former Marine Captain and Nebraska Senator, John DeCamp and Phil Moriority, President Inter global Investigation Services. rank him, internationally.
The endorsements on the back cover of Mr. Nicholson's own publication, Stolen Innocence, speak volumes more in support of Mr. Nicholson, his work, as well as the claims that Mr. Bjornstrom maintains so consistently, the crown acknowledged as early as John's bail hearing, last year. About Mr. Bjornstrom's consistent testimony, supported by his actions, I mean.
I spoke to Mr. Nicholson quite recently. He had some questions and some serious concerns; like why did Don Campbell, John's lawyer torpedo Rob's evidence in such an off-hand way?
In defence of Mr. Campbell;  I would never have known that the police in Indonesia turned over a list that they maintain is a hit-list; it has John Bjornstroms' name on it. I learned that while watching a brief interview that Global TV conducted with Mr. Campbell. So brief, that's all he said. It was plenty!
Mr. Nicholson also wants to know if the media is going to drift away from the topic of The Bushman and the allegations of child prostitution, pornography, sexual abuse, murder and even ritual murder. Mr. Nicholson has supporting evidence documented on his website, www.rwnicholson.com and even more that he keeps "close to his chest" in an effort to protect victims from further abuse. Mr. Nicholson has developed some of his own "trust issues".
Finally, Mr. Nicholson wants to know why is it the RCMP and other federal and provincial agencies continue to ignore all the evidence.  Why???  - Shades of Garry Guzzo; what ever happened to him, anyway?
As for John, after his house arrest, he gets to start three years of probation, accompanied by the community hours, ordered. Essentially, John's tied up for the next five years; twenty before he can legally possess a fire-arm. And he has to provide a DNA sample... What's up with that, eh? John's undaunted, thrilled to be out of the confines of the remand section. In spite of all his restrictions, he says he wants to pay respite to those cabin-owners he damaged. I wonder if he plans to perform the labour, himself?
Oh yeah, John Bjornstrom testified under oath that he was engaged in conversation with a reporter via a cell-phone supplied by Real TV, the undercover cop team. He told the reporter of a premonition that he had, involving a couple of planes and a couple of tall buildings. He testified that the conversation took place on September 10, 2001. He also testified under oath, that an agent for CSIS also contacted him through his sister and the use of the cell-phone. This individual wished to employ the "remote viewing" attributes, alegedly possessed by Mr. Bjornstrom.
This does not even come close to the "facts" as reported by CHBC TV. John Bjornstrom was not "hiding out in the Shuswap, looking for Bin Ladin".
As bad a piece of journalism as this is, it pales by comparison, next to their digital transformation of a concrete block into a foreboding retaining wall. Seems to me that they got sued for 60 grand or so, by the Presslers of Salmon Arm, over that deliberate misrepresentation.

Oddly, after sending "Bushman Finale?" out through my now quite extensive email list (ya gotta love that "Reply All" button), the hyperlink, "deliberate misrepresentation" mysteriously began to re-direct to the keyword search page at http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca, rather than to the court of appeals decision, itself. The decision involves CHBC TV (Westcom) and David Lethbridge who were jointly sued by the Presslers of Salmon Arm, B.C., for defamation of character.

From: webmaster
Date: February 3, 2004 11:07 AM
To: David Thomson
Subject: RE: http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/sc/98/07/s98-0762.txt

Thank you for identifying this problem.  The IT department has now resolved the issue.
Patricia Pang
Court of Appeal

I'll give these people credit - they wasted no time repairing the link after receiving the notice, below.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Thomson [mailto:idslayer@telus.net]
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 9:37 PM
To: webmaster
Subject: Re: http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/sc/98/07/s98-0762.txt

I recently made reference to the above decision in a literary piece that I published. At the time of publication, the url directed the reader to the decision but since publication, I've been informed and have now verified that the link only directs the reader to your keyword search page and not to the decision, itself. What is your reason for re-directing the url?
Yours very truly,
David Thomson

Paragraph 36 this lengthy appeal decision describes a glaring and deliberate misrepresentation that CHBC TV (Westcom) was found guilty of.

"[36] The next scene depicts the Presslers' honey house in the background, with what appears to be a concrete wall or trench in the foreground. I find that this concrete structure is in fact a single concrete brick, made to resemble a trench or wall by means of manipulative photography. As this image appears, followed by one of the red barn, Gaffney states: Salmon Arm council can only insist what's built on the property is in keeping with zoning restrictions. It has no control over the Presslers or the Council on Public Affairs. In that regard, Lethbridge is the local watchdog..."

Now, if I was inclined to dwell on theories of a conspiratorial nature, I'd swear that the above-evidenced "re-direct" was a deliberate attempt to obscure the truth.
In light of the volumes of corroborating evidence in the form of hyper-links, liberally applied throughout the "Bushman" series, minus that last statement with the hyper-linked "deliberate misrepresentation", speaks volumes.
Juxtaposed, the reference to the "deliberate misrepresentation", singularly, speaks equal volumes regarding, not just the media's complicity in these henious crimes, simply for their silence but also through "deliberate misrepresentation". - Now that's a fact!.

Letter Of Demand From John Carten - British Columbia Vigilantes, To Josiah Wood - EX JUDGE and special prosecutor

- urge you to withdraw from your assigned role as Special Prosecutor - Re: Doug Walls

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 4:46 PM
Subject: MAIL TO JOSIAH WOOD - EX JUDGE & special prosecutor for Doug Walls Prince George

February 2, 2004

Mr. Josiah Wood

Barrister and Solicitor 

Blake, Cassels and Graydon

Vancouver, B.C.     - E- Mail jow@blakes.com  

Dear Mr. Wood:

It has come to our attention, from sources in the media, that the Attorney General, Geoff Plant, has appointed you to be the Special Prosecutor to review the police evidence gathered in the case of Doug Walls of Prince George, B.C., and to determine whether or not criminal charges should be laid.

If we are mistaken in this observation, please ignore the remainder of this e-mail correspondence. 

However, as we presume our information to be correct, we are respectfully writing to strongly urge you to withdraw from your assigned role as Special Prosecutor in the aforementioned case.

The legal theory behind the appointment of a Special Prosecutor is to insure that when a decision is made as to whether or not criminal charges should be laid in a case with political overtones or connections, the decision is made by someone removed from the political process and with the requisite skill and knowledge of the law. 

My colleagues and I have reviewed your performance on two previous cases where you were appointed as a Special Prosecutor, the case of Peter Gill and the case of Shannon Murrin.  Your performance in these two cases was less that satisfactory and  raises serious doubts about your competence and/or integrity.

Firstly, you were appointed by Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh (circa 1996) as Special Prosecutor to review the evidence against Mr. Peter Gill to determine if there was sufficient evidence to lay criminal charges for obstruction of justice arising from the the events upon which the Crown had laid similar charges against Ms. Gillian Guess.  According to newspaper reports, you incorrectly recommended that there was insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction of Mr. Gill.  As a result of your incorrect advice, no charges were laid against Mr. Gill until 2001 when the Mayor of Vancouver and his Chief Constable were compelled to lay criminal charges by threat of public embarassment. 

Secondly, you were appointed by Attorney General, Ujjal Dosanjh, to act as the (Special) Prosecutor in the failed prosecution of Shannon Murrin.  There is emerging evidence, from multiple sources, that the Murrin prosecution was a "show trial" intended to distract public attention from the fact that the RCMP and other authorities were engaged in a cover up for the real murderer of Mindy Tran, a nine year old child who was brutally slaughtered.  

For these reasons, my colleagues and I respectfully advise you that it is inappropriate for you to continue in your role as Special Prosecutor in the investigation of Doug Walls and we urge you to withdraw from the assignment.

Please confirm you will comply with this public spirited rquest by the close of business on Wednesday, Febraury 4, 2004.  

If a favourable response is not received, the British Columbia Vigilantes will take legal action against you without further notice to you seeking punitive and examplary damages.

Yours very truly,


Legal Counsel - British Columbia Vigilantes

CC:  Premier Gordon Campbell

CC:  British Columbia Vigilantes

(The British Columbia Vigilantes are a network of free citizens dedicated to exposing corruption in government including the nortoriously corrupt judicial and legal system in British Columbia)

"The Rule of Law"

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