Excerpts of a Psychological Evaluation of David Thomson, by Court Order of Master Michael Bishop, conducted and submitted by Gary Lea, June 5, 1996

Let's see... Master Bishop orders a psychiatric evaluation, I comply, attending to Dr. Lea's office, only to be apprehended from my home by 4 burly cops (I'm 122 lbs.), hand-cuffed and delivered to the psych wing of K.G.H., locked up in I.C.U. and kept heavily mis-medicated with a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs...

But they say you should never give anti-psychotic drugs to anyone that might be suffering from any form of depression, never mind any healthy mind...

Then Sandy Hildebrandt, a woman that I've never met, "anticipates" my apprehension and confinemnt, allegedly denyed that Master Bishop gave the Order for my evaluation,contacted Dr. Lea and cancelled my subsequent appointments...

And let's be clear; I never "agreed", I complied.

I must clarify: My mother was never evaluated, diagnosed or treated for any psychological problem, ever!

It was myself who had been on generous doses of Haldol for an entire week-end, just 3 days prior to our 2nd interview. I was still being generously "medicated" with Rispiridone and Lithium at the time of that interview.

I suspect that my state of mind, due to mis-diagnosis and continued mis-medicating, complicated by Sandy Bryksaw's repeated interjections throughout the entire interview (I was the subject - she was apparently there for "morale support") caused sufficient confusion for Dr. Lea, explaining those few factual mistakes that I've found in his report.

The fact remains that my mother did suffer from massive migraine attacks, compounded by her unfortunate circumstance of being the widowed mother of 2 children, of which at least one, it's been thought, exhibited "behavioral problems"...

Mother had a terrible lot in life and because of her pain and suffering, she was prescribed pain-killers - all kinds of them, including Valuum. She was never told that it was addictive and when her doctor finally took her off it (she was in a hospital bed, recovering from a historectomy) she lay there in a state of anxiety, not knowing what was wrong with her.

If my mother ever did exhibit any psychological "disorder", strictly hypothetically speaking, I can only blame the pharmapseudical agencies who've benefitted by my mother's misery, exploited for "research" and profit for virtually all of her adult life. I can't think of a time when pills weren't a necessary part of my mother's life - at times she seemed like a walking drug-store with her pursefull of pill-bottles.

Rest assured that any so-called "personality disorder" that might be exhibited on the MMPI-2 scales, regarding "histrionic", "paranoid", "persecutory ideation" or "obsessive-compulsive" features, are only just common sense if one truly does have enemies who are actively engaged in a criminal conspiracy against one.

Where Master Bishop got the notion that I would be competent to act as Counsel, knowing (if he bothered to read my sworn affidavit) that I posess a mere grade 10 education, is a mystery to me. Dr. Lea wrote in his report that I "would be able to understand courtroom proceedure competently and advise Counsel." *(my emphasis)*

*Note to Dr. Latimer*:
a) No clinical elevations on any of the schizophrenia scales
b) No clinical elevations on any of the paranoia scales
c) No elevations on any of the four mania scales and there is no indication of depression.

Hmmm...I weigh about 120 pounds and I lost about 50 pounds... I'd be dead :-0!
It seems that Paul Latimer's "prior knowledge of the patient" is nil - Yet he prescribes abundant doses of anti-psychotic medication - without any preliminary examination to base "said diagnosis and treatment" on.

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