Dear Karl;
Do I correctly understand that you are still being persecuted; specifically, regarding the allegation of "Uttering Threats", after your vocal observation as to the state of Herman Van Ommen's Spirit?
Indeed, his spirit is dead, buried under his legal fiction, that corporation, aka, HERMAN VAN OMMEN.
The Canadian Style-Guide instructs us to identify and separate living, breathing Spirits from coporate fictions, through the use of all-capitalization, exclusive to identify corporate fictions and upper and lower-case combinations to define and identify those intellectual entities, living, breathing, warm-blooded Spirits, loosely referred to as "mankind".
Surely we do walk among the dead, these ideas of greedy people who "breathe life" into self-serving thoughts, creating living entities of them, who then benefit from all those rights and freedoms, formerly exclusive to living, breathing Spirits.
"Thou shalt not speak with the dead."
But we do business with them, daily - and daily, they encroach further upon those "rights and freedoms", formerly exclusive to living, breathing Spirits, indigenous to "Mother Earth".
Karl, I extend greetings to you, my friend and my invitation to you, for you to join me. Let us bind our quills together and craft a spear-head, a common defence of those "rights and freedoms", exclusive to we, all those living, breathing "Spirits", indigenous to "Mother Earth", to which we are stewards - against the enemy, "CORPORATE FICTIONS".
Are we Canadians, specifically, others, generally, not bound by the "recognition of the Supremacy of God" ..." -  whatever it is that we wish to refer to this entity as, that we are fashioned after, in Spirit, intelect and what is loosly referred to as "brother-hood"?
After all, aren't we all "just 'Spirits', living in a material world"?
Yours very truly,
David-Hunter: Thomson