Corporate Plunder for Profit

Concerns for Our Collective Safety and Well-being

January 8th, 2006.

Corporations are run by boards of directors whose sole function is to create profits for the share-holders - dollars and cents are all that matters.

"Industry can’t be regulated by government – and for environmental and health reasons they must be – if that government is in bed with them." - Justice Krever, Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada, 1996

In justifying their position in Sudan, a spokesperson for Talisman Oil said that if they [Talisman] didn't go in there and develop the Sudanese oil reserves, someone else would, anyway. The royalties that Talisman paid, financed the military regime that was committing genocide against factions of their own people.

Did you know??? DuPont knew!!!

What's happening to the future of food ?

Is BASF smarter than Monsanto?

Is corporate structure bad for public health?

Who's peeing in our water?

What else are we putting in our water?

Is it any wonder that Canadians are becoming toxic!

Consider the increase in neuro-related diseases.

The role of government is to regulate corporate industry to protect the populace that the government was elected to serve, from corporate plunder. The government is also sworn with the trust of the populace, to protect the commons from corporate plunder. When it becomes evident that these mechanisms are failing, the populace will turn to non-compliance.

Public Private Partnerships (P-3s) contaminate research.

Public Private Partnerships - a closer look at the hazzards, inherent.

Public Private Partnerships are contrary to the mandade of any good government. They serve only to foment corruption, as an example of corruption and as the framework that houses corruption, within.

Why aren't these things being reported in the news??
It's like Olie North said..
"It's not so much what we tell you that's a lie, it's what we neglect to tell you."

Help arrest Corporate Plunder!

It's high time that Canadians speak out!

Please excercise your right to vote - Vote to arrest CORPORATE PLUNDER!

Please make a responsible choice - make an informed choice -
Choose CAP.

We're not anti-American - We're pro-Canadian.

Indeed, more and more Americans are beginning to feel strongly, along with the better part of the rest of the world, who condemn those foreign policies of the Administration of the United States of America, who've been engaging in covert acts, fomenting unrest, even waging unsubstantiated wars in other parts of the world to facilitate conditions for the benefit and furtherance of CORPORATE PLUNDER!

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