David-Hunter: Thomson
725 Franklyn Road
Kelowna, British Columbia V1X-3T9 Phone: (250) 765-6826

March 24th, 2004

Corporal S.B. (Steve) Albrecht
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

General Investigation Section
350 Doyle Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y-6V7 Via Fax # (250) 470-6240

Re: Your visit to my home on March 23rd, 2004 - Stated concern: Paul Martin's anticipated visit to Kelowna

Corporal Albrecht:

During your attendance to my home, requesting that I co-operate in completing the questionaire that you brought along, you stated as your reason for the excercise, concern regarding Paul Martin's anticipated visit to our city. I trust that my co-operation in answering the broad range of questions posed with-in the questionaire, leave you no doubt that I am not a threat to the person of Prime Minister Martin.

My past and present non-violent behavior and approach to criminal behaviour within ministerial establishments, well documented at my website, www.ourcourtssuck.com, should have been evidence enough to satisfy any concerns without the need for your attendance to my home, questionaire in hand.

Having given some thought as to, specifically, what brought you to my door, I have arrived at the suspicion that it was my forwarding to Mr. Martin, a copy of the enclosed letter, putting on notice, Mr. Victor Janicki, to act in accordance with "upholding the integrity of our courts", as is his duty as an Officer of same. In so doing, I have effectively put Prime Minister Paul Martin on notice to act accordingly, out of his duty to uphold, not just the integrity of our courts, but his own office.

In now forwarding this same letter to you, in your capacity of "Officer of the Courts", I am effectively putting you and your associates on notice to do your part in upholding the integrity of our courts.

What are your intentions?

Let me hear back from you by letter.

Yours very truly,

David-Hunter: Thomson
c.c. et al

Sadly , I never heard back from either Corporal Albrecht or Mr. Victor Janecki.

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