David Thomson
725 Franklyn Road
Kelowna, British Columbia

December 12th 2005

Constable Mike E. Loerke
C/o RCMP Kelowna Detachment                           Via Fax: # (250) 470-6348
Doyle Avenue                                                                                                                  
Kelowna, British Columbia                  

Re: Your attendance to the incident on December 3rd 2005 at Orchard Park mall, involving myself - Your File # 05-65205
See: http://british-columbia.ca.human-rights.org/Informed_Decisions.htm

This letter to you Mike Loerke, is to the private man as well as to the public servant, Constable M. E. (Mike) LOERKE, a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. For what you do in the capacity as a Police Officer and an Officer of the Court, you do through your private capacity, the private man, Mike Loerke. In reality, you are one and the same.

First, Mike, I bring to your attention, section 81 of the Federal Elections Act,enclosed.

In regarding the incident at Orchard Park, referenced above, from here on that I will refer to as “the incident”, a violation of the above-noted section of the Federal Elections Act did occur. I bring this to your attention as I see it is my duty to do so.

Further, please consider such crimes against my physical safety and well-being, such as physical assault and also the degradation and humiliation at being dragged through the mall corridors like a common thief, those damages that I suffered as a result, yet to be determined. This too, I see as my duty to bring to your attention as I recognize your duty as a sworn Officer of the Court, sworn to uphold the Criminal Code of Canada.

Finally, as an aside but also with regard to your private conversation with me, my version of which you will find at the end of my version of the details of “the incident”, I note to you, my publication of my challenge to the Court and all of its Officers, where-in you will find my reasons for those of my methods that you disagree with:
Application to the Judge – Filed March 31, 2005 Kelowna Registry # AH08331530-1

Surely, Mike, any Judge must consider the reasons why any individual that is before the Court, committed any violation that one stands accused of; do you agree?

Again, I view this as my duty to inform you so that now you must act according to your duty, fully informed.

Yours very truly,

David Thomson
c.c. et al

1 Enclosure:section 81 of the Federal Elections Act (total fax transmission – 2 pages)