The Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our own Government:
Part Three: The Effect of All the Bad Law, Some History, and What To Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action 
Party/parti action Canadienne
“Connect the dots. Year 2010 is the target date of  the  Canada/US/ 
Mexico  task force’s planned North American Union. Year 2010 is the yearby 
which Canada will have had a $54.5 billion total surplus over 5-6 years. 
How is that “surplus” to be used? Not to restore the social programs our 
government  pillaged to create the surplus.  It will be used to pay for the 
“architecture” of the  “paradigm” for cooperation, i.e. the NorthAmerican 
Union, or as they call it, the NAISP, The North America Initiative for 
Security and Prosperity.”
What is the effect of all the bad law outlined in part 2 of this article?
It is the end of a nation. It is the end of decisions by ourselves over 
ourselves. It is a reduction of our standard of living: a decline of the 
middle class, an increase in poverty, homelessness, destruction of our 
social safety net. It is the militarization of the country. It is the 
creation of a police state.
How can this be?? How can our government enter these arrangements?  Who 
exactly is doing it? Parliament? Caucus? the PMO? We must embark on a 
massive campaign demanding every MP reveal his/her role in this treason. We 
must make each one of these agreements and arrangements an election issue. 
The Canadian Action party has already started its campaign to do so.
So how is it possible that our national status has come to this sorry 
state.  Let's consider the practice of government in this country. Canada 
has long suffered from an undemocratic form of government. Our Prime 
Ministers and their bureaucrat mandarins have always applied the defunct 
Prerogative Right of Kings' principle  to the exercise of their power, and 
gotten away with it.  The Prerogative Right is the notion that not only do 
the Prime Minister and his officials  know best what is right and good for 
all of us, but they have a God given right to impose it on us.
How does this work in practice?  As Paul Hellyer, CAP’s founding former 
leader, explained to an inquiring member of the public in letter dated 
March 9, 1998: "The decisions are not actually made in Caucus. In most 
cases, they begin with the bureaucracy, although a few policies actually 
originate in the Prime Minister's Office or in Cabinet. But these are the 
exceptions. Unfortunately, the parliamentary system is just used to 
propagate the ideas presented by the bureaucracy to parliament and to put 
them into force."
That was the case with the FTA and NAFTA.  The MPs did not read the 
agreements. They just accepted the lies of the bureaucrats and signed. 
.Paul Hellyer spent his life as an elected MP.  He knows how the system 
works.  And he admits that he, like all the others, did not read the FTA 
and NAFTA before ratifying them
Why has this practice prevailed? Because no party has actively exposed it, 
nor actively challenged it (except perhaps the original Reform Party)
What is so awful is the extent of the CEO’s arrogant expectation ofsuccess 
in the realization of their goal. Where is the outrage by M.P.s? By other 
parties? By media?  Why the acquiescence?  Those CEOs and military 
strategists  are aided and abetted by all those Members of Parliament  who 
are more than willing to delegate a  power and influence to these 
unelected, unaccountable bodies.
Staring us in the eye are the powerful global forces who are successfully 
controlling and directing  our very own governments against us. They are 
turning three nations into an undemocratic  continental force for two 
purposes: 1. Externally- militarize us for their economic world conquest; 
and, 2. Internally- create a police state to stifle dissent and prevent 
rebellion as they take everything away from us.
How Dare They!!
What has become the smokescreen justification for this treason? Terrorism. 
What  is the real reason ?? Greed- money. If it was only a few individuals 
in power, not our full government sanctioning the betrayal, a  charge of 
treason could be laid. But because the highest order of our government is 
facilitating it, it is not treason. It is not treason because the 
perpetrators say it is not.  There is no one in charge with the will or 
power to face the betrayal and call it for what it is. Only the losers in a 
battle are prosecuted.
For far too long in Canada, bureaucrats and politicians under the undue 
influence of industry have been betraying all of us. Bureaucrats move 
easily between government and industry fulfilling the demands and interests 
of corporations above that of the common good of the state and its people. 
The concept of the public interest, or the common good, or the commons no 
longer exists in the bureaucracy, where once it was well defined and 
understood and applied.
Following WW2, despite an  interlude of attention to the public good and 
the public interest and to world peace, the greedy exploitive agenda of the 
financial/ industrial/ military  leaders of most of the world continued to 
lurk behind the scenes. They never really went away. They just laid low and 
bided their time.
Meanwhile, the Western world developed a burgeoning comfortable middle 
class as the leaders realized they had to create systems that appeased the 
sacrifices made by the people on the Front and at home. In Canada we 
developed a successful mixed economy blending the private and the public 
participation in our economy. The private system was left to do  what they 
could do well, but it was recognized that some things they could not do if 
the needs of all the people were to be met, like housing the vets,  like 
medicare and hospitalization.
Eventually as peace prevailed, life got  better for more and more of us. We 
relaxed our guard. We relaxed our vigilance over our liberty. We took it 
for granted. We trusted our politicians. Meanwhile, the greedy ones, 
smoldering in the background, re-ignited .They made their move by 
promoting  globalization thereby cementing an arena for their use and 
benefit at the expense of the rest of us. Our politicians have been dupes 
at best, conspirators at worst. Programs, regulations, practices and 
procedures  that made life good for the rest of us, protected our 
well-being and nourished us,  interfered with their  greed.  And so, they 
moved- first by  by deception and stealth, and now in open arrogance to 
take away our benefits and enjoyment of a share of the world's resources. 
The principle is no different than it ever was under kings and mighty 
rulers--A few powerful taking the resources of the world for themselves by 
war and/or trickery and theft.
In post WW2 Canada developed some of the most successful public programs 
paid for in large measure by the use in our economy of our own Bank of 
Canada. Our successful safety net came to life making things pretty good 
for most of us. Hospitalization, medicare, public housing, public 
education, publicly controlled energy utilities, and transportation are 
examples. And we created our own public bank, the Bank of Canada, which 
reigned over the hiatus of the good life enjoyed by Canadians. It was the 
use of that bank that enabled Canadians to be creating  a very good place 
to live, free from the enslavement of crippling debt. We could afford the 
good life  then, and we can afford it now.
We no longer have MP’s or bureaucrats with the will to act to protect and 
maintain a “prosperous and secure”  life for  the people of Canada. They 
plan to focus to make our territory more “prosperous and secure” for the 
corporate return on the resources that belong to all Canadians. 
Worse,  they are no longer interested in a sovereign democratic  Canada. 
They are busy creating a North American Union.  We have to expose this.
Our federal government has racked up enormous surpluses by  slashing 
funding to people programs. They continue to lie to us pretending there is 
insufficient money to fund our needs. In the week of November 15,2005 the 
Liberals announced they had $10.2billion to $12.5 billion of surplus money 
for the year 2005. In the year 2010 they expect to have $18.5 billion 
surplus. For the 6 year period between 2005 and 2010-11 they will have had 
a $54.5 billion total surplus.  (Source: Globe and Mail, November 15, 2005).
The Globe and Mail referred to the Liberal budget plan released November 
15, 2005.  The Globe and Mail wrote: “The Liberals also unveiled a 
multi-year plan for growth and prosperity that’s meant to serve as a 
blueprint for improving Canada’s competitiveness in light of what Mr. 
Goodale calls ’the profound reordering of the global economy as new giants 
such as India and China emerge’” .
Note  the language congruence between the Liberal ‘multi-year’ 
‘blueprint’  for ‘growth and prosperity’ and the language within the 
various reports and agreements and plans and laws to which I referred in 
part 2 of the series of articles on the “Morphosis and Sabotage of Canada 
by our own government”.
Connect the dots. Year 2010 is the target date of  the  Canada/US/ 
Mexico  task force’s planned North American Union. Year 2010 is the yearof 
the $54.5 billion total surplus. How is that “surplus” to be used? Notto 
restore the social programs they pillaged to create the surplus.  It will 
be used to pay for the “architecture” of the  “paradigm” forcooperation, 
i.e. the North American Union, or as they call it, the NAISP, The North 
America Initiative for Security and Prosperity.
The June 2005 “Report of the  Ministers to the Leaders” referred totheir 
task of creating an “architecture” to effect the goals of the Leaders.The 
goals of the Leaders (Fox, Martin, Bush) were set out in their “Security 
and Prosperity Partnership Agreement” signed March 2005.
On the website of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) there is 
a report by them of their work through 2003 -2004. The report is dated 
April 2004 but was posted  November 2, 2005 under “News and Information” 
under a section called “North American Security and Prosperity”. It is 
called “New Frontiers. Building a 21st century Canada- United States 
Partnership in North America, April 2004.”
In the preface of that report Thomas P. d’ Aquino, President, and Chief 
Executive, along with Richard L. George, Chairman, write, “While the 
Council’s fundamental vision for North America remains trilateral, we 
believe that to be most effective in addressing some of the key challenges 
facing our continent today. Canada and the United States must take the lead 
in developing a new “paradigm” for cooperation, one that will increasethe 
security of our respective citizens and maximize the ability of our 
countries to prosper in a world marked by increasingly intense competition 
among developed and developing countries.”.
In the introduction of the report, the CCCE references the competition 
growing from China and India which the Liberal 2005 election blueprint 
mimics.  The CCCE wrote at page 2, “ As emerging economies such as China, 
India and Brazil move up the development curve, they are growing in 
importance both as customers and as fierce competitors in the service s 
well as manufacturing sectors. “
So, where will our money go that we do, in fact, have? First and foremost 
it will go to create the architecture of the new regime-e.g., construction 
of different border facilities, transportation and security facilities in 
airports, highway, and  ferry systems. Read back through part 2 of my 
article and you will realize the areas of expenditure to facilitate the 
goals. Match the words in those agreements to the words of the Liberal 
campaign ’blueprint”.
Further, out of that burgeoning surplus our government will continue to 
bailout and further enrich the banks by paying more and more money over to 
the endless unnecessary growing debt arising out of the failure to use our 
Bank of Canada.  The Liberals and Conservatives plan to  give massive tax 
breaks to corporations. They will spend on  the arms industry as 
Canada  joins the US military machine.
 None of this is what Canadians really want. But we are not asked. And 
those who complain are ignored. There is something very wrong with this 
The CCCE blueprint demands more deregulation and privatization. The "40 
point Smart Regulations Plan" announced by our government March 2005 
accommodates that demand. See Part 2 of my series of articles on this 
sabotage of Canada. The lie is that deregulation and privatization will be 
good for all of us, a betterment of the economy. In fact, they are  the 
stripping off of all  the protections for the safety and health of 
consumers. The legal and fiduciary duty of a private corporation, its first 
priority, is to use its investment to make a profit for its shareholders. 
The US has just recently passed a law that removes the liability of 
pharmaceutical companies for any harm to consumers caused by  the mandatory 
vaccinations the US is planning. Canada will follow suit. How much more 
Draconian can they get??
George Galloway, a British Member of Parliament talked about the 
privatization of their railroads in an interview by Thom Hartmann , May 26, 
2005 on Air America, AM620 KPOJ in Portland Oregon. Galloway said this: 
"British Rail , which was owned by the state, which was a nationalized 
railway, was probably the least loved institution in the United Kingdom 
when Mrs. Thatcher privatized it. Now, fully 80%, of the people of the 
country (80, eight zero percent of the people of the country) want the 
railway taken back into public ownership, because they realize now that 
we're paying three times the subsidy to the private owners of 
the  privatized railways that we were paying to the nationalized railways, 
and we've got a dirtier, more dangerous, and more expensive service as a 
result.  It takes longer now to go from London to Birmingham on the train
than it does to go from where I'm sitting in the House of Commons to the 
Eiffel Tower in Paris, and it's only 110 miles from London to Birmingham. 
We've had a whole series of railway  disasters caused by people cutting 
corners to save costs, to make more profits. We've had delays that would 
make your hair stand on end; people in the depths of winter being delayed 
5, 7 hours on railway journeys, and we have rolling stock which has not 
improved since the public sector days. All that's happening is that we're 
giving state subsidies to private owners who are putting it in theirpockets."
Privatization of any universal public needs is the vehicle for the theft of 
our power and control over our selves and our resources, and hence the 
theft of our personal and political survival.  In this country, the cheap 
sell-off and /or actual demolition of fully functional hospitals to and for 
private operations is an example of the most outrageous abuse of the 
public  trust. As is the give-away  of our hydro and gas utilities. Those 
who perpetrate this kind of betrayal of the public interest should be 
treated and punished as the criminals they are. It is no excuse to change 
the laws to permit it and then say it is legal. It is still immoral, wrong 
and harmful to society.
But the situation is getting much worse. The global regime run by a cabal 
of financial/military/industrialists has no borders. It needs to be able to 
move around the world for its maximum profit and to avoid any countries 
that deign to hold them accountable. It has had a great run in the third 
world countries, but now wants control over the economies of the developed 
world by way of the  trade agreements.
There is jockeying of control of areas of the world. There is the European 
Union power block. India/China/ Russia is another emerging block. The point 
of the US aggression in the middle east is to keep that rich area out of 
the Asian Russian block. There has to be another big block to enhance the 
power of the North American industrialist elite:- North American Union- 
However, there are cracks in the globalizers success because  people are 
not stupid. In the last 10 years the anti-globalization movement of 
citizens has been fighting back exposing the lies and hypocrisy and greed. 
They created a massive peaceful resistance movement using the tool of the 
internet, and exercising their democratic rights of dissent, peaceful 
assembly, and freedom of movement. (This is why the US has passed a law 
recently that spies on internet users and gives police powers to restrict 
the use. Canada is following suit with a similar bill before our House of 
Citizens rushed easily to the locations of the international  meetings to 
confront the globalizers. Politicians of the hosting countries erected 
barriers to separate the voice of the citizen protestors from the ears and 
eyes of the globalizers.  The citizens became a real nuisance. In the EU 
they were responsible for disseminating sufficient information to defeat 
the EU constitution.
It was the worldwide citizens' movement that killed the Multilateral 
Agreement on Investments (MAI) . It was the French politicians who finally 
read the stuff and agreed with the citizens and ended up being the deciding 
world voice that stopped the MAI in its tracks in October of 1998. In the 
summer of 2005, it was a  public pressure and education process from the 
citizens movements  in France and Holland who influenced those people   to 
vote NO on the European constitution. The other EU countries were not given 
the vote on the issue. Their political leaders listened to the bureaucrats, 
did not read,  and signed. From the public interest point of view, that 
agreement was another economically crippling, liberty stripping and 
sovereignty killing arrangement.
Even though two world wars provided horrific lessons, people do not learn 
well  from history. Too often we do not even know our history. As time 
passed it became easier and easier for  the greedy ones to weasel their way 
back into the mind-set of too many  politicians who have forgotten or never 
knew their history. Like the gambling industry that can out-wait  the 
citizen movements who successfully oppose the gambling expansion for so 
long as the citizen movements can survive, at the global level, the cabal 
of financial /military /industrialists have waited out the global citizens 
movement of opposition and resistance. But, the cabal is not having an easy 
win. They are determined to seal the cracks and to eliminate the 
opposition.  What is their new tool?? Anti-terrorism. Who is their 
facilitator? Our own government.
The answer to the irritating swarm of citizen mosquitoes is real barriers ! 
Laws that would really prevent dissent.  Laws that would stifle the 
capacity to stop the train. The globalists have resurrected an old 
bogeyman- fear, and his companion, security. Our government via its 
bureaucracy tells us the bad guys are around the corner or under the bed 
and are coming to get us.   They tell us the  only way to be safe from this 
threat is to strip ourselves naked, point the finger at the brown skin, 
stop talking to each other, and submit to leashes .
The recent rapidly produced anti-terrorism laws   have  removed 
centuries-long legal rights and protections under the guise of security. 
These laws are nothing more than tools to enforce the globalist agenda. Let 
us be very clear about this. They are creating a police state.  The tragedy 
of 9/11 was exploited to deliver suppression of the constitutional rights 
of citizens. The US moved first with its Patriot Act and Homeland Security 
Act. England , Australia and Canada followed quickly.  Our politicians are 
hard at work with a complicit media to convince us we need to give up our 
liberties just as the citizens of the US have been forced to do.
The laws,  the plans, agreements and arrangements  implement a regime that 
is unconstitutional, undemocratic,  and despotic; a process that 
consigns  centuries of justice and civil and human rights to the trash can.
How can this be?? How can our government do this? Who exactly did it? 
Parliament, Caucus, the PMO?  We must embark on a massive campaign 
demanding every MP reveal his/her role in this treason. We must make each 
one of these agreements and arrangements an election issue.
And what is CAP  going to do about it?  We are going to mount the best 
campaign possible in the upcoming federal election. We are going to do our 
best to run candidates in every riding- committed informed candidates who 
see the writing on the wall, who care, and who will mount the barricades.
I was interviewed in September 2005 by a public policy forum group 
operating out of Ottawa. The interviewer informed me they had recently 
learned from their polling of Canadians that 3 out of 5 Canadians WANT MORE 
SAY IN HOW THE COUNTRY RUNS. Big surprise , eh?
Our challenge is to be able to communicate that CAP is a real 
alternative,  a vehicle saved for the people to use to assert and govern 
Of interest is that the North American Union plan has no reference to any 
electoral government. They do not need or want a democratic government. The 
North American Union  is not to be a system of, by, and for the people. Its 
raison d'être is to be a unit to promote the needs of the 
military/industrial/financial complex -period.
By the same token, for the  people of Canada, United States and Mexico, the 
political parties currently function as patsies for the Chief Executive 
Officers of the NAISP. The MP’s are irrelevant for our needs UNLESS wetake 
back control of our nations.
We need Parliamentary reform, electoral reform, and inner party reform to 
give the people democracy. In Canada, The Canadian Action Party/parti 
action Canadienne is a legitimate vehicle. It remains viable to be used by 
citizens if they choose. A full slate of principled Canadian patriot 
candidates would have an impact.  It is the only democratic route. We have 
a real Canadian alternative party ----CAP/PAC
Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne
Leader, Constance (Connie) Fogal
Telephone (604) 872 2128 home; Fax: (604) 872 1504
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