Church Versus State - A More Critical View
Where do we draw the line?

January 20th, 2006.

To start of my critique, I would first like to introduce you all to the "Alive Ministries", the youth outreach progamme of the Willow Park Church where our Progressive Conservative candidate, Ron Cannon takes his spirit to be nurtured..

My first reaction upon reading this "New Living Translation" was the glaring question; "What if some criminal organisation has infiltrated our public administration, contaminating every public process with illegal dollars to purchase acceptance of their self-serving agenda - Are we to submit to criminals???

My next thought was, "Jesus was a rebel; he disrupted the church by over-turning the tables of the money-changers. He was enraged by their criminal mis-conduct!"

When Jesus said, "Give unto Caesar, that which is Caesar", he meant coins with the face of Caesar, emblazoned upon them. He also taught his followers to reject Roman coins. Jews used sheckels for their trade and commerce and Jesus advocated the exclusive use of sheckels.

CORPORATIONS are no more than dead spirits; those ideas of men that are birthed through a process of registration...
And Jesus said, "Do not walk among the dead." Might He merely have been referring to CORPORATIONS?

CORPORATIONS, controlled by boards of directors, exist for 1 purpose, only; to enrich the lives of their stock-holders. MMT, Bovine Growth Hormone and Franken-Foods are but 3 examples that demonstrate that the costs to human lives and the environment that we live in are not factors in the equation that they base their decisions on. It's as if they rely on being cloaked by a veil of CORPORATE PRIVILEGE that sanctions the murder of innocent people.

I welcome the involvement of any church to excercise the rights of the good citizens of their congregations, to encourage and facilitate their active involvement in the state of their own public affairs. Kudos to all churches who choose to participate.

But I condemn any church who would promote the blind subservience to any government that behaves in any way that is contrary to their mandate. The mandate of government is to act only in the best interests of children and families.

For surely, such propaganda flies in the face of what Jesus was teaching and is also quite contrary to the clear direction, espoused by those fundamental principles of Nuremberg, the only benefit to Humanity to come out of a war. These are the founding Principles that called for and formed the foundation that is our United Nations and these Principles tell us to oppose any government with a predaliction towards the production or implementation of weapons of mass human destruction.

For the record:
Canada has willingly taken part in the carpet-bombing of Yugoslavia and Ahfganistan. Our troops have aided in these unsubstantiated and aggressive campaigns of wanton destruction, aimed unilaterally at large populations of humanity. Indeed, Canada engages in the manufature of these weapons of mass-destruction, as well. These acts, both contrary to the fundamental principles of the UN, all without the sanction of the UN, call for the citizens of those participating countries to actively oppose said activities.

It costs money to produce these weapons and it costs money to deploy these weapons. For these reasons alone, Canadians are duty-bound to refuse to pay their taxes. That and any other form of non-compliant behavior that will deliver their unified message, condemning their government's criminal behavior.

A critical look at taxes from a well-referenced biblical perspective.

A few of my own personal sentiments on "income" tax.

The Preamble to each and every document that has ever been referred to as the "Constitution of Canada", contains these same words:
"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"
Constitution Act, 1982

Section 32 of the 1982 Charter brings rise to the question of who might be served by this dubious piece of legislation..
"The purpose of this section is to make it clear that the Charter only applies to governments, and not to private individuals, businesses or other organizations."

The "notwithstanding clause" nullifies the entirety of this controversial piece of legislation. If nothing else, this "Charter" serves as an example of terribly ambigious legislation, the very definition of bad law.

This so called "Constitution", one which was never even ratified, no referrendum ever put to the people to decide on or not, makes a perfect example of bad law and should be struck down. For the purposes of a prosperous, democratic society, salvage the Preamble to form the foundations, to frame a true Constitution for the Peoples of Canada.

Drafted and tabled and then offered to the populace for approval, all integral parts of the process of creating a true Constitution, a code of good conduct to guide government's role in the mandate of their duties. They are our servants as administrative stewards of the common good of the populace and the environment we rely on for the benefit of all.

Most assuredly, churches should feel compelled to be actively engaged in the promotion of fair and balanced exposure of all political candidates, in order to further facilitate more balance in a monetarily advantaged contest, the better ability of citizens in any democratic society, to make best-informed decisions, based on the merits of every single choice that is available to them.

Most assuredly, all organisations are simply congregations of men and women. so all organisations have an inherent duty to the true course of our public affairs and should be actively engaged in the facilitating of forums that uphold the Spirit of Democracy. That Spirit is simply, "balance". Equal opportunity for those men and women who stand under the umbrella of their chosen organisation, be it a church or a union.

Instead, we see minions of organisations, all "special-interest" groups, promulgating and promoting their "flavoured" political entity, for the benefit of their own self-serving interests, oblivious to the best interests of others. Such behaviour flies in the face of the Spirit of Democracy and is a great detriment to the evolution of society at large!

For example:
I have 33 flavours of ice-cream but I'm only going to tell you about 3 of them -
Most assuredly, I do you a dis-service and I do myself a dis-service if indeed, I am peddling ice-cream. Either I am nuts or I'm harbouring some agenda, as yet un-disclosed...

There is only one issue in any political campaign - a sound moral conscience, free from the temptation to pander to special-interest groups and free from the influence and monied advantage of CORPORATE DONATIONS, all to the detriment of those whom they've been elected to serve!

I urge all good citizens to become involved in your public affairs, to examine your choices carefully and listen intently for the truth to ring out. Ignore the hype about "strategic voting". Your vote never counts for anyone other than the candidate that you vote for so make your most well-informed choices, always. Certainly all choices have consequences that can quite often effect others around you.

In all matters of public affairs, elect your most outspoken voice of common concern to represent our best interests, equally and place less merit on who might become the next ruling party;
Instead, look for your best choice to form the body that makes up the conscience that is so critical to any good government.

Please always remember, a vote for one candidate is never a vote for another, ever. It's simply a vote for the candidate that you believe in, the most.

For all those who choose not to participate, I feel your rejection that is the source of your apathy towards participation in the state of your own public affairs. I assure that I do not advocate the imposition of a choice of only bad ones. If you, after learning all that you can, see no suitable choice, simply say so - NONE OF THE ABOVE!

It is always your duty to yourself and your fellow human being, to speak out for our common and inalienable rights that are enshrined in the foundation of Canada, those sacred Principles of Humanity, that need only be recognized in that Spirit that is referred to as "the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law".

God's Law is simply the Ten Commandments, with this explicit instruction: "These are the Laws that I command you; do not add to them and do not take away from them" - Deut: 4 v. 2 and 12 v. 32.

Jesus said, simply, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Beware what you compromise, should you INCORPORATE...

"6.5 Special situations of religious organizations Religious organizations should consider certain issues carefully before incorporating.

Governing Law

If a religious organization becomes incorporated, its ecclesiastical, canon or church laws, rules or regulations may be subject to the Corporations Act. This means that if any ecclesiastical, canon or church law, rule or regulations conflicts with the Corporations Act, the organization, once incorporated, must comply with the Corporations Act and will no longer be able to use that law, rule or regulation in administering its affairs." INCOPRORATE

Our Indigenous Peoples have much we could learn from and that they're desperately trying to retain. While white populations put our elders in institutions, those tribes here before us still look up to their elders for wisdom and guidance in the face of a global upheaval of CORPORATE POWER that contaminates all that's what's left of their whole way of life.

We should not just look to the Red Tribes for their respect for their elders, we should also mirror their role in respecting this world that we share. Our role on this planet is to steward our inheritance, out of respect for the magnitude of the gift and out of our duty as trustees of our own children's enheritance and for all generations, beyond.

They're not just a bunch of dumb indians, you know...

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