Canadian Action Party Policies


Introduction to Policies


All of CAP’s policies are common sense and solution oriented. They are fundamental and basic to the very nature of a sovereign, free and democratic Nation. A nation must have control over its monetary system in order to implement any social programs. We must have truly responsible, transparent, accountable representation in our elected officials. All trade deals must be in the best interest of Canadians and our environment as the foundation of the deal. The Canadian Action Party is committed to ensuring that we stop the erosion of Canada as an independent nation capable of governing itself. Our policies focus on these (4) main points, which all other policies connect to and are dependant upon. Without these solid points addressed, Canada becomes a shell of a country, a colony under corporate rule. (This is the short version please refer to the pdf for the in depth version)


1-Sovereignty- the ability to make laws and decisions for Canadians by Canadians

2-Monetary Control- the ability to use our Bank of Canada as it was intended

3-Civil Rights – as guaranteed under our Charter of Rights

4-Parliamentary Reform-the changes needed to bring our country to a state of complete interactive democracy, for the people, by the people



1)   National Interest – Public Purse

Canada’s over $500 billion national debt is unnecessary and a direct result of mismanagement by government

Less than 5% of Canada's federal debt is due to program spending while the other 95% resulted from compound interest (owed to private banks and investors)

§         The Canadian Action Party would :
-ensure that  50% of new money supply  would be Government Created Money  on which no interest is paid 
-amend the Bank Act requiring banks and other deposit taking institutions to maintain cash reserves with the Bank of Canada.



2)Freedom of Speech & Responsible Interactive Democracy

Canadian Nationalism – We agree with most Canadians that now is not the time for another constitutional wrangle. In fact we believe the threat of globalization and the loss of sovereignty it entails is a greater threat to both Quebec and Canada than our internal differences.

A United and
Independent Canada- Whether it is Quebec’s dissatisfaction or the alienation feelings of the West, Canada has experienced internal turmoil for over a quarter of a century. We must recognize that our internal differences pale in comparison to the threat from external sources. Canadian Action Party has repeatedly pointed out that Canada cannot survive as an independent country if we continue to be the victims of the “national treatment” clause in the FTA and NAFTA ,  and new agreements like NAISP(North America Initiative for Security and Prosperity).

Arts, Culture and CBC – Canadian Action Party believes that culture is the soul of a nation and for that reason it would increase funding to the National Arts Council and the CBC

Although not all Canadians see the significance of our CBC it provides much of the sinew of continuity that makes us Canadian. The Canadian Action Party believes that a vibrant CBC is a symbol of a vibrant Canada. We would like it to be a vehicle for our national voice reflecting all regions and views of Canada.

Law, Order and Justice – Canadian Action Party recognizes that fear is the most critical factor threatening freedom in any country. Whether it be fear of freedom to speak, voice opinions that differ from government or the freedom to walk at night on our streets.

We believe laws are created to facilitate ease of movement in a civilized society. They are not meant to control society as in a police state.

There are several laws which are being passed or have already been passed in the name of security which CAP believes are threats to our civil liberties and democracy. (For details see the full text of our policies)

 An elected Senate –Canadian Action Party sees the need to reform the Senate. We see it as a very important vehicle for second thought before legislation is passed. We have reviewed various ideas on senate reform and believe that the ‘Jury Senate’ is by far the best proposal for real democracy to function. (see our full policies for details)

Making Democracy Work – Canadian Action Party fully supports the need to introduce more open participatory democracy. There are several proposals open for discussion. We believe that there are occasions when Canadians ought to be called on to assist in choosing the right plan for Canada. Referendum is one of those options. We are open to discussion on this subject.

Parliamentary ReformCanadians have expressed a great dissatisfaction with the way parliament works today. Canadians are insulted by the way MP’s behave in Question Period, they don’t like to see the party whip used to make MP’s follow party line; we understand and agree. We would change the rules for question period-in part, limiting the number of days ministers spend in Question period. (see full details in our in depth policy)

3)Pro-Active Trade Deals

Canadians have been duped!  We were led to believe that the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were “free trade” agreements.  They were not! They are a Charter of Rights for Corporations.

Canadian Action Party fully supports fair and responsible trade. 

FTA, NAFTA, CAFTA do not represent fair trade

o       The National Treatment Clause – the most under-discussed ‘clause’ means that foreign investors have the unrestricted right to invest in Canada: (a) without conditions and, (b) without limits.  We have lost the right to say that only foreign investment that is beneficial to Canada is welcome.

o       NAFTA must be abrogated (it must be canceled!)

o       NAFTA is worse that FTA because of ‘Chapter 11” which allows U.S. and Mexican investors the right to sue us if any of our governments, federal, provincial or municipal, passes or amends a law that affects their profits or future profits.

§         North American Security and Prosperity Initiative must be canceled

§         Smart Regulations must be canceled

4)Environmental-Cleaning Up Our Toxic Country
All policies must be respectful of our environment. We must always strive to create an atmosphere where people can live in a healthy manner. We must encourage responsible decisions and penalize decisions which are detrimental to the environment. Our food, water, air and soil are the basis to sustain all life forms. We cannot afford to sacrifice one for the sake of greed or pursuit of profit.
We support the family farm, organic foods, sustainable, responsible agriculture, fisheries and forests.

We support the Kyoto Protocol and water as a human right


5) Protecting the Nation and Peace in the World

Canadian Action Party is fully committed to a Canadian National Defence Program, for Canada, commanded by Canadians in the service of Canadian interests, both domestic and international.


Years of under-funding and reductions in manpower have taken their toll on morale in the Armed Forces. CAP is committed to -increase number of personnel in the Armed Forces, fully fund, fully equip and fully support our troops, in their mandate to defend Canada’s interest both at home and around the world. 

Canadian Action Party Would:

§         perform a parliamentary review of future roles and capability of Canada's military. 

§         use a common sense monetary policy that would make it possible for us to afford funding for defense without sacrificing social programs.

§         Ensure adequate funding for the sole purpose of peacekeeping, protecting our sovereign coastal and artic borders and disaster relief

§         Stop investing Canadian Pension Plan funds in companies that manufacture 33 of the weapons used in the War against Iraq

§         End government contracts to military companies involved in missile defence, land mines and weapons containing depleted uranium


§         Remove Canadian war planners from the Bi-national Planning Group and NORTHCOM

§         End the culture of war mentality that is driving the greed and lust for power, control and dominance of people all over the world. CAP seeks to promote policies, which support peace and freedom for all.


6)Health – Healthy Babies Healthy Society

Today, our health care system is a national emergency. Canadian Action Party knows how to fix it without turning the system over to private for profit interests. The Bank of Canada could be used to finance its health and survival. This could be achieved by creating and spending money into circulation specifically targeted for health care needs: hospitals (see also CANADA INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS), doctors, nurses, technicians, equipment, and so on.

After federal funding cuts of $25 billion over the past ten years, CAP supports the minority government decision to put federal funding back up to 25%. We need more, we need to immediately:

- make natural holistic remedies available under Medicare.

- conduct scientific studies on Genetically Modified Organisms, irradiation and vaccines

- foster a genuine Canadian drug industry vs. giant for profit U.S. drug industry

- promote preventative medicine with emphasis on how poverty, stress and pollution affect health.

Canadian Action Party Supports the implementation of The Romanow Report, which made it abundantly clear that Canadians want adequately funded universal health care that includes home care and a drug plan. Two years of intergovernmental bickering have brought federal funding back up to 25% however, there are no conditions attached and Prime Minister Paul Martin has already created a new cabinet post to oversee public-private partnerships.

To prevent the privatization of health care the Canadian Action Party would:

-place a moratorium on all public/private partnerships
-enforce labeling of genetically modified and irradiated foods

- ensure that Canada Health Act is enforced

Finally, Canadians must understand that any decent health-care system in this country requires three major changes:

We must cancel the Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA because these "trade" deals give U.S. corporations the right to challenge the very existence of Medicare by claiming it is a trade irritant which distorts the "free" market. We can do so with six months notice.

We must stop the sell-out of Canada to large foreign corporations, and maintain control over our resources and industries. A country is no longer independent -- and can't afford social programs -- if its assets and decision-making are controlled beyond its borders. The end of Canada means the end of Medicare.

We must reform our monetary system. Right now, our money creation is a virtual monopoly of the private banks. The Canadian ACTION Party will return to the economic and monetary system we had from 1939 to 1974 when the money-creation function was shared between the government of Canada, through the Bank of Canada, and private banks. This would provide the fiscal flexibility necessary to fund health care and other essential services without increasing taxes.


7)Social Policy –Empowering the Citizenry
Social policies are tied to our trade and monetary policies. Most importantly, CAP would abrogate (cancel) trade agreements that contain a "national treatment clause" allowing us to regain control over our social policies. 
-we would ensure that money creation was shared between the Bank of Canada on behalf of the people and private banks to adequately fund our social needs
- ensure that all of society has access to affordable housing, especially our most vulnerable, our mentally ill, disabled, elderly and our children.
-support construction of co-operative housing and (subsidized housing in mixed income neighbourhoods to assist the working poor.
Ensure that the minimum wage across Canada is sufficient to sustain a reasonable standard of living.
Elimination of Poverty

There is no greater problem facing Canada and the world than the elimination of poverty. This very large task is within our abilities because there is more than enough wealth and production ability in the world to accomplish it. In 1989  the  3 main political parties in Canada agreed to alleviate poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Today (16 years later) poverty has increased by 20% 

8)Education - Investing in our Future
The Canadian Action Party believes in universal access to a public educational system. And whereas education is a provincial responsibility. All Canadians have a direct interest in a well educated future generation .

To ensure education is not just a choice dependant on family or personal wealth CAP would:
- transfer between $1 billion to $1.5 billion a year to the provinces for the express purpose of reducing tuition fees and bringing them down to 1990-91 levels.
-make direct, low interest loans to students.
-allow the interest paid on existing loans to be deducted from taxable income for tax purposes.
-support the teaching of the liberal arts and resist the effort to restrict education to readily marketable skills.
-prevent corporations from having too much power and influence in the educational process

-reinstitute the teaching of skills that encourage how to think, calculate, assess and adapt to real life; as opposed to being indoctrinated or taught what to think
-keep universities free of public/private partnerships which benefit private corporate interests like military contractors and scientific experimental  labs involved in the genetic modification of life etc.
See for background information
- bring back the basics of teaching government function, how it works, the purpose of government and encourage all citizens to participate fully in the democratic process

- Make monetary systems, (economics, how money is created, etc.) part of the education curriculum from K to grade 12 mandatory, in conjunction with Civic responsibilities

9)Research and Development

Canada has fallen behind world leaders because so much of our industry is owned by foreigners. The Canadian Action Party would:

-reinstate grants that were cut back to the National Research Council, Social Sciences Research Council and Universities to help create high tech jobs in microbiology, robotics, energy and communications replacing lost jobs in manufacturing.


-invest in Research and development into greener environmentally friendly products, alternative energy choices are no longer an option they are mandatory for our planet and our country.


-invest in Research into cause and cure of illness such as Autism, Juvenile Diabetes and Learning Disabilities must be a priority


-ensure that proper independent testing and approval of all pharmaceuticals, agriculture products, pesticides etc., was conducted before they enter the market.


10)First Nations Concerns – Respecting Our Past


The Canadian Action Party policy on Aboriginal rights is based on the spirit of the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Some specific points may be open to discussion and negotiation but the Commission Report is a solid foundation on which to build progressive and forward-looking solutions to long-lasting problems.


Poverty on reserves in Canada must be addressed without delay.



11)Respecting Our Elders
Pension Reform


The pension system in Canada is really a mess and the adjustments Paul Martin made to the Canadian Pension Plan when he was finance minister were merely tinkering. They result in a huge tax increase without producing either stability or equity. Generation X has no confidence that the CPP will survive until they retire. In addition, some people now retire with four or five pensions, while others have only one.

There is a need to call a round table on pension reform that includes seniors, economists, pension consultants and industry with federal and provincial governments. The objective will be to devise a universal system that will be fully vested from day one, fully portable, completely fair and adequate to meet retirement needs. Meanwhile the existing pension rights for seniors will be fully guaranteed.

One of the great injustices in the present system is pensions for Members of Parliament. CAP would change the law so that MP's would not get their pensions until age 65. One of the objects of pension reform would be to treat Members of Parliament in exactly the same way as other citizens.

12)Responsible Fair Taxation

Responsible Fair Taxation
Cutting taxes is only part of the problem. The manner which our tax dollars have been spent or mismanaged must be resolved immediately. Almost everyone would like to see further tax cuts but the extent of these would have to be weighed against other priorities like health-care, affordable housing, day-care, and a dozen other areas including better safety inspection of our food, water and transportation systems.

Corporate taxation needs to be reviewed immediately. Everyone that does business in Canada uses the systems of Canada and must pay their share to support a viable progressive system. We must ensure that we have the funds in place to pay for corporate mistakes in environmental issues and not put the burden solely on individual taxpayers.

There is one tax, however, that should be removed and that is the Goods and Services Tax. So CAP confirms its long-standing policy in that regard. The GST on books, newspapers, periodicals, postage stamps and theatre tickets would be eliminated immediately. The tax on all other items would be reduced from 7% to 5 percent.

In the second budget the GST would be reduced from 5% to 3 percent.

In the third budget the GST would be TOTALLY ELIMINATED.

The Canadian Action Party would pursue the full employment strategy that was envisioned when the Bank of Canada Act was passed. The unemployed people go back to work, Employment Insurance and welfare costs would decrease, and tax revenues would increase to help offset the loss of revenue from the GST. Computer simulations show that the tax can be eliminated over three years, by injecting 68-70 billion dollars into the economy over 4 years without any new tax and maintaining a balanced budget. ($68-70 billion equates to 50% of money supply over 4 years).

When we say that the GST would go, it would go.

Other Taxes

Payroll taxes should be further reduced. The Liberal government has milked the system to bolster general revenue at the expense of workers and employers. Our monetary policy would end the boom-bust cycle so there would be no need to maintain big surpluses in anticipation of the next recession.

Tax Reform

We would undertake a general review of our extremely complicated tax system to make it fairer, simpler and more equitable.