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Subject: Canadian Action Party Supports Alternative Health!!

Below is an e-mail from the Canadian Action Party outlining their policieson health care.
I will be voting for them!! Some say that it is a waste to vote for them because it is race
between the Liberals and Conservatives. It is never a waste to vote for CAP. 

I believe it is a waste to vote for Liberals, NDP,Conservative or Bloc because they are all
supporting the North American Union which was set up to destroy Canada.

Why would anyone vote for a party that is taking steps actively to destroy Canada??
See  Connie Fogal's 3 part article on the metamorphosis and sabotage of Canada by our
own government.( see their website)

 If you want to support the pharmaceutical industry and loose your ability to have vitamins
in therapeutic dosages,  continue having a "disease care" system of health that promotes
vaccinations and pills,--- then go ahead and vote Liberals, Conservative or NDP or Bloc. 
Makes no difference. 

I remember when I was fighting the vaccine issue in Winnipeg, the NDP (Dave Chomiak)
was on our side until he got into power as Health Minister, and then he promoted the flu vaccine.
What a crock!!!!  I remember walking the halls in the parliament building and notifying every party 
that there was "shredding of evidence" at Health Canada concerning Dr Byron Hyde's research
on how the Hepatitis B vaccine was causing autoimmune disorders. No body did anything about it.
What a crock!! I had all the evidence!! In fact the Deputy Minister of Health at the time,
(Tom Carson) listened to the audio tape I brought of Dr Bryon Hyde's statement on the shredding
of his documents by Health Canada, made copies of it, and said he would look into it.
That was 6 years ago.
Is he still looking??
What a crock!!

The only one I can say that gave a damn about health issues at that timewas Judy Wasylycia-Leis.
She supported us on the Sergeant Mike Kipling court martial  issue regarding the anthrax vaccine.
I feel I need to give this fine woman the recognition she deserves even though she is in the wrong
party as far as I am concerned.
Lets make some changes, don't be complacent and send this e-mail out farand wide.
As a health practitioner who has millionaire clients, I know that if you don't have your health,
life means nothing. All the money in the world won't make up for your ill health. So these are
real important issues--
Vote for the party who gives a damn about your health. Vote CAP!!!

 Rose Stevens
 Holistic Practitioner
 Kelowna B.C.

 I have pasted our policy on healthcare below.
 Also please see our website on healthy choices in food production,
 environmental issues such as air,water and soil which contribute to a
 healthy society. We must turn away from the idea which promotes a pill
 for all aspects of daily living, and embrace the concept of living
 healthy. Canadians today are no longer satisfied with being unsick, we
 want to be healthy, thriving and productive. Most Canadians want policy
 that respects our home, our environment, while respecting and learning
 from our past and planning for a sustainable future.

 Thank you for your interest and support.  We need Canadians to spread
 the word that we are a vehicle for change. We are not a fringe party, we
 are the party of choice for many Canadians who are not being heard. We
 need support by memberships, financial contributions for media and to
 help spread the word. We need strong patriotic Canadians to join us as
 candidates. In order for us to help Canadians get into action, we need
 Canadians to assist the Canadian Action Party, today!
 Yours truly
 Catherine Whelan Costen
 Canadian Action Party President & Communications Director


Links to specific articles on our website:
 Playing With Our Food


Health Canada Unleashes More Attacks on Healthy Choices for Canadians


Agent Orange- (Note we were the first National Political Party to speak out on this issue)


Canadian Action Party’s Proposal for Health Issues in Canada byCatherine Whelan Costen
(note: this proposal has recieved positive feedback from many, including a Toxicologist in England)


Canadian Action Party Policy on Health

6)Health – Healthy Babies Healthy Society

Today, our health care system is a national emergency. Canadian Action Party
knows how to fix it without turning the system over to private forprofit interests.
The Bank of Canada could be used to finance its health and survival. This could
be achieved by creating and spending money into circulation specifically targeted
for health care needs: hospitals (see also CANADA INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS),
doctors, nurses, technicians, equipment, and so on.
After federal funding cuts of $25 billion over the past ten years, CAP supports the minority
government decision to put federal funding back up to 25%. We need more, we need to immediately:

make natural holistic remedies available under Medicare.

scientific studies on Genetically Modified Organisms, irradiation and vaccines

foster a genuine Canadian drug industry vs. giant for profit U.S. drug industry

promote preventative medicine with emphasis on how poverty, stress and pollution affect health.

Canadian Action Party Supports the implementation of The Romanow Report which made it
abundantly clear that Canadians want adequately funded universal health care that includes
home care and a drug plan. Two years of intergovernmental bickering have brought federal
funding back up to 25% however, there are no conditions attached and prime minister Paul
Martin, has already created a new cabinet post to oversee public-private partnerships.
To prevent the privatization of health care the Canadian Action Party would:

- place a moratorium on all public/private partnerships
- enforce labeling of genetically modified and irradiated foods
- ensure that Canada Health Act is enforced

Finally, Canadians must understand that any decent health-care system in this country
requires three major changes:

- We must cancel the Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA because
these "trade" deals give U.S. corporations the right to challenge thevery existence
of Medicare by claiming it is a trade irritant which distorts the "free" market.
We can do so with six months notice.

- We must stop the sell-out of Canada to large foreign corporations, andmaintain
control over our resources and industries. A country is no longer independent --
and can't afford social programs -- if its assets and decision-making are controlled
beyond its borders. The end of Canada means the end of Medicare.

- We must reform our monetary system. Right now, our money creation is a
virtual monopoly of the private banks. The Canadian ACTION Party will return to
the economic and monetary system we had from 1939 to 1974 when the
money-creation function was shared between the government of Canada,
through the Bank of Canada, and private banks. This would provide the fiscal flexibility
necessary to fund health care and other essential services without increasing taxes.