One of the fundamental reasons why people don't flock to Christianity is because, as a religion, it's based on a fraud, no less great than that of our [in]justice system.

Accepting Yeshua [Jesus] as an enlightened child of God rather than the Horus or Krishna type of mystical/ mythical humanization of a "God" would make Yeshua a prime example of what all men/women could achieve in their lives if they just understood who they are (spirits existing at a lower level of the Great Spirit) and how to tap into their true identity and by so doing actualize and realize the God within them. It is not for nothing that Yeshua is quoted as saying that "the Kingdom of God is within you". Don't look for it in the sky or at some physical place. You'll never find it. Follow what your Church Ministers tell you and you'll be just as stupid at the time of your death as you were at your birth.

Too many people and dumbed down by organized religions into seeking God outside of themselves as if He/It exists separate and apart from the spirit within man. Christianity through Catholicism and Protestantism is bankrupt due to centuries of human squabble, egoism, pride and outright lies.

Yeshua had a message. He was totally human with a hightened knowledge of who he was. That knowledge came to him through searching the truth and being taught it and through meditation and self-searching. After some effort and years of learning, he reached that level that equalled or surpassed Buddha. Much can be learned from Oriental spiritual thought; almost nothing can be learned from Occidental thought because its purpose is to mystify God and place man as a disobedient servant who sinned and who needed an intermediary to save him.
It's an old story, as old as the Sumerians and ancient Egypt. The priests really did a number on man.

We were not created to worship God!

We started as spirits who needed to have a human experience in order to learn some basic truths such as unconditional love so that we could reach the highest level of spirituality after shedding our 3D bodies.

So what is our purpose? To make God a reality! Within us! While on Earth!

What does Islam offer? Nothing more than modern and bastardized Christianity. What it may offer is only on the 3D plane: a communityism that is lacking in modern Christianity. If the morally bankrupt and corrupt leaders and politicians of our countries had more love than selfishness in their hearts, this truly would be Paradise. Do not look to them for leadership for they will give you corruption. Look rather to the pure teachings of the great spirits that have come before us. They have shown the way. Cut through the crap of Paul's warped messages and get to the heart of Yeshua. Since I know almost nothing of Islam, I can only suggest that you cut through the crap of Islamic teachings and search the truth in Mohammed. If his message is love, good. If not, then reject it, no matter how attractive the trappings appear.

Will Islam fight the tyranny of the New World Order or will it succumb and prostitute itself before the NWO as the Christian Churches have done. Ask yourself: Who has prostituted themselves before the Money Changers by registering themselves as tax-free charities/non-profit organizations so that their members could save some of Caesar's coins?

Yeshua would never have done that! Did he not throw out the money-changers from the Synagogue? But now the priests/ministers have made themselves into Pharisees!
Same shit, different shovel!

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BreakPoint with Charles Colson - Commentary #020130 - 30 Jan 2002


The women gather at the Old Country Buffet in a Boston shopping mall. They laugh and chat as they dig into roast beef and ice cream sundaes.

They could be any group of young moms and college students enjoying a night out. But they're not. These women are recent converts to Islam, celebrating the end of Ramadan.

They symbolize a curious new phenomenon in the wake of September 11: A surge of Islamic conversions.

"I said the testimony, and poof, I was a Muslim," says Tiffany Motschenbacher, a University of Massachusetts theater major. And she adds, "I used to feel something was wrong with me because I couldn't grasp the concept of God. Now I finally had peace of heart."

When it comes to Islamic conversions, you can't help but count the ironies. Throughout history, Islam has spread through violent conquest. Today -- after Islamic radicals killed thousands of our neighbors -- Americans are voluntarily converting.

Another irony: Around the country, so-called "seeker friendly" churches try to attract people through pop music and sanctuaries that resemble shopping malls. Meanwhile, Islam -- which just suffered a huge public relations debacle -- attracts converts through what can only be described as seeker unfriendly elements: rigid rules of conduct, dress, and life.

Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States. More than thirty percent of mosque attendees are converts. What is going on?

Well, first, the attacks have sparked an interest in learning more about Islam, a religion that appears exotic to western eyes. Second, during times of crisis, religions with clear definitions of right and wrong look increasingly attractive. Karen Courtenay, one of the new converts who gathered at the Old Country Buffet, told NATIONAL POST that many converts are attracted to "Islam's rich mysticism and clear theology and rules," its family values, sense of community, moral certainty. Some -- especially Hispanic and African Americans -- view the embrace of Islam as a return to their roots.

Whatever the reasons for Islam's gains, it's clear that Christians have our work cut out for us. We must educate ourselves so we can explain the difference between Islam and Christianity. New converts to Islam often display a faulty understanding of both faiths. For example, Lisa, one of the diners at the Old Country Buffet, said, "I liked the fact that to become a Muslim, you don't have to disrespect Jesus. He is still a prophet, just not the Son of God." She doesn't seem to realize that placing Muhammad above Christ is the ultimate disrespect.

And we ought to rethink our seeker-friendly approach and instead boldly teach our doctrines -- what C.S. Lewis called "Mere Christianity" -- and do it in open and intentional community.

In these tumultuous times, it's clear people are searching for God. We can offer them the simple, magnificent truth to which no Muslim may lay claim: That God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that we might live.


For further reading:


(Colson suggests to learn more about Islam, read the booklet. Then, invite your neighbors over for a potluck. Tell them you'd like to talk about the differences between Christianity and Islam.)

C. S. Lewis, MERE CHRISTIANITY (Walker & Company, 1987).


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