As an act of defiance, I am challenging the seatbelt law for the 3rd time, now. Using this bad law, I strive to demonstrate through this challenge, intrinsic also in exposing "henious crimes, aided and abetted by members of the RCMP and even Supreme Court Chief Justice Patrick Dohm".

On April 1st, 05, I was in front of Justice of the Peace, Taylor (again) who said:
a) that I had a Constitutional challenge and b) he had no jurisdiction
He put it off to July 4th.

And then there he was again on July 4th, to adjourn it to September 14th, based on a letter that I'd not yet received. A letter from a "constitutional barrister with the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Attornery General for British Columbia..."

So I wrote a letter back to Mr. Mackey. I figure if he can put a copy of a letter in the registry file, so could I - got a stamp stamp on mine, even! I've got another letter for him in mind, soon to be posted, also.

Of course, I also had to serve the AG of Canada. This is what I got back from them and the Justice Department...

Can you believe it? They sent me back my original (I'd run out of black ink). And look at all those stamps - pretty official looking, eh.
Looks like the feds took a special interest to paragraph 3, "...henious, criminal misconduct, aided and abetted by... even Supreme Court Chief Justice, Patrick Dohm...". See the { ?
Christopher Rupar - Senior Counsel - Justice Canada, Civil Litigation Section (ph: 613- 941- 2355 Fax# 954-1920).
Robert Prior - Group Head - Justice Canada, Federal Prosecution Service (Ph: 604- 775- 7475 Fax: 666-1599

It came back with a letter that I have around here somewhere?? Essentially, the feds take the position that they won't be intervening but that they would have an interest, should the matter go to appeal...

On October 5th, 2005, I filed a copy of a Notice to Admit that I'd drafted, serving a copy, via fax, to Bryant Mackey. A pre-trial hearing is set for March 30th, 2006, 9:30 a.m., in the Kelowna Law Courts - I'm not sure which room so I intend to get there early and inquire.

Essentially, as I presently understand, "the Crown" is taking the position that I may speak for myself but not for any other. So whatever happened to the notion of "equality before and under the law", then?

If anyone else wishes to attend, I reccomend you arrive early and inquire, also.

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